death machine Skye by khybot

death machine Skye

By: khybot
Last Updated: Jan 14, 2016
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My big problem with Skye is she is slow and weak. I've not done well trying to compensate for these problems but do better when I just try to accentuate her strengths.

By going for a lot of WP, you get to take advantage of her weapon damage perk for forward barrage. As you get attack speed alongside more damage, the hopeful outcome is that you have a lethal killer that will take our your enemies before they get you.

The disadvantage with this build is your defense is weak and trying to run is futile. So, you have to play with the mindset of being careful to engage, but when you do commit to taking out your opponent. Try to evade within attack range as much as possible while you continually put on the pain.

Try to leave your final item slot open for potions until you've maxed out all the 5 weapon items. If the other teams starts building armor, then get a Bonesaw to help as soon as possible.

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