The 2.11 Lyra Guide Pack (Included Within: Scout Locations) by mrsausagesbetterhalf

The 2.11 Lyra Guide Pack (Included Within: Scout Locations)

By: mrsausagesbetterhalf
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Build: O' Great Lyre

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The Great, Great Table Of Contents Top

Power Roses: The Prologue Top

I smell nice all the time

So, you're here because you're relatively new to Lyra. Maybe you want to know why you're losing matches with her. Oh, I know! You're on a quest to learn how to execute the perfect combos!

Surely, questions like, "How to make full use of Imperial Sigil?" or "How to ruin your enemies' day with an Arcane Passage?" may or may not be bouncing around in your mind begging to be answered (just like a herd of Ameglian Major cows from Eoin Colfer's "And Another Thing" <HHGTTG2>).

Well, this is just the guide for you.
! Warning, contents not suitable for children under age 4. May contain traces of nuts and nuts. User caution is advised. !

How To Navigate My Guide.


The Cake On The Other Side Is Nothing But An Abominable Lie Top

Hullo, my friends!

I'm mrsausage from the SEA server, and I'm a POA Lyra main. Here's proof of my rank:


My win-rate with this build on Lyra in Patch 2.9:


And my (almost entirely Lyra) win streak thanks to this build:


Ok, I'll admit that I posted them to brag a little (hey, it's hard work climbing from SA to POA). Then again, it's also proof that my build isn't some **** build, with the amount of success seen.

Without further ado, let's dive right in!!!


Scientia Est Potentia Top

Here's Lyra's hero spotlight to begin with:

Lyra is a fantastic hero capable of flexing into any positions, with different builds accentuating different aspects of her kit. She has every thing - mobility, zoning tools, damage, protections and utility at her disposal, making her a well-rounded hero for anyone to pick up. Played in the right hands, Lyra can completely alter teamfight dynamics, creating openings and opportunities for her team to wield to their advantage.

Let's skim through Lyra's kit before we go into detail!

(Note that this is merely a quick introduction to Lyra's kit in its entirety. This is aimed at assisting players new to Lyra on understanding how her abilities work in general. Hop over to the next few chapters for an in-depth explanation on each and every part of her kit!)


Heroic Perk - Principle Arcanum
Lyra's perk is nonetheless simple. Her auto attacks deal Crystal damage instead of the typical Weapon damage auto attacks are supposed to deal. If she doesn't move after releasing her first auto, she will channel and fire a second missile that deals a substantial amount of damage and slows the target briefly, at the cost of Energy. This is Lyra's primary source of damage and as such, try to constantly use this perk to harass your enemies when allowed. Just shoot 'em all with them missiles!!!

A Slot Ability - Imperial Sigil
Lyra's A slot ability is Imperial Sigil, the bread-and-butter of Lyra's kit. It makes supports go wet. Not only is it a point-click heal. It can also be used to deal Crystal damage, mess up the enemy team's positioning, speed up allies, and reveal anything in range. It's like a Swiss army knife, with less of the sharp, pointy ends. Due to its versatility, you can just pop it into some random location and gain an upper hand. Setting up teaamfights is a total breeze now! :D

B Slot Ability - Bright Buwlark
There are abilities deemed a nuisance to deal with. Bright Buwlark is one of them. In just a simple tap, Lyra unleashes a surge of negligible Crystal damage and, here's the fun part, creates a circular area around her that serves to prevent bloodthirsty baddies from dashing neither inwards or outwards. Enemies who dash inwards will find themselves smacked upwards by a partially invisible force with the sting of failure fresh on their cheeks. Dashing outwards is impossible at best, as everyone inside is snared and thus, are unable to use dashes. Allies are unaffected though, so don't worry.

Ultimate Ability - Arcane Passage
This is arguably my favourite abilty of all time. Upon activation, Lyra teleports towards a targetted location, leaving behind 2 portals for both allies and enemies to use. Arcane Passage is extremely useful in almost every occasion. It can be used as a means for the team to completely bypass terrain otherwise un-bypass-able. It provides Lyra and her team a secure exit if everything goes wrong. To add a final and not-so-common use, it can be used aggressively to muddle up the enemy team's engage/disengage. This'll be explained in the detailed chapter on Arcane Passage (with pictures!). It also increases your attack range like Baron's ultimate, just in case you didn't care to read the ability descriptions.


Right! We've gone through the basic overview of Lyra's kit. Is it already enough to impress you into playing Lyra?


Principle Arcanum Badum-dumdummm Top

Here's some juicy info for you to wrap your head around!

Attack Speed

Principle Arcanum scales with attack speed. Building attack speed items like Swift Shooter and Blazing Salvo will alter her perk in a crazy way. Two ways, actually. In what ways, you ask?
  • Way Number One - An increase in attack speed will reduce the channel time for your heavy missile, allowing you to blast enemies faster within a given time frame compared to a Lyra without increased attack speed. Like all normal auto attack speed modifiers, the pause between normal auto attacks (as in light missiles) is also reduced. So yes, you can kite or stutter-step like any normal hero.
  • Way Number Two - An increase in attack speed (it never gets old, does it?) will also increase the speed at which your missiles travel. Don't believe me? Try it out in the field.
Weapon Lyra

If you're going for an off-meta Weapon Lyra (not exactly something I recommend but you do you), it's recommended to cast your heavy missiles sparingly as both light and heavy autos deal the same, measly amount of Weapon damage. 10. A friggen 10. And that's if enemies are without Armor. That's a very big IF.

Don't despair from trying out Weapon Lyra though. Her crit animations are on point. Kudos to the devs at the Lair for producing such wonderful animations!!!

Ah, if it isn't Atlas Pauldron. This is the bane of almost every Weapon carry. How, though, is it relevant as a topic for Lyra?

You see, Atlas Pauldron can heavily negate her from fully utilizing Principle Arcanum. Why? Because her arcane missiles are tied directly towards her attack speed. Reduced attack speed would mean reduced missiles, both heavy and light. As her missiles are one of the 2 main sources of damage, Lyra's damage output would be severely hindered for a moment. Connect the dots, people.


Having explained the hidden intricacies a typical player might not have known, here's a trick for you.

This image shows me doing something similar to stutter-stepping. Directly after firing your heavy missile, move like how you would normally move after an auto attack. There's still a slight delay after Lyra releases her heavy missile before she resets her auto attack cooldown, so it'd be nothing but a waste of time standing there or waiting until the animation ends. Anticipate your heavy missile and, the instant it is released, move immediately. Simple as that. You want to reduce idle time as much as possible.


Imperial Sigils Dishearten The Rebels Top

Behold! The most annoying ability to have ever existed!

Darn, wrong music...

Here's one to scar you for life. Your welcome.

Umm....okay, let's carry on with this chapter...

After a delay, an Imperial Sigil is formed in the targetted location. Allies (if their health is anywhere below their max health) are healed every second, while enemies (regardless of health amount) will be dealt with Crystal damage every second.

You can then choose to either detonate the sigil manually or let it sit there for the rest of its duration before it detonates on its own. Upon detonation, the sigil deals a burst of Crystal damage to all enemies within its radius and provides a move speed bonus to all allied heroes. If the sigil is detonated manually, it consumes whatever healing it has left in its reserve and heals all allied heroes within by 50% of the consumed healing.

Confusing, eh?

Let's assume your Imperial Sigil heals for 1000 health max. Assuming you detonate it the moment it forms, you would provide a burst heal of 500 health only. This is the only thing you have to take note of when deciding on whether or not to detonate your sigils to save your ally.


Healing is a piece of cake: just tap onto an area in range and HUZZAH! anyone inside is healed back to the pink of health!

Welp, it's not as simple as it seems.

For one, you have to cast it in a location that maximizes healing.


Let's take a look at Imperial Sigil's size.

It's about 2 scout traps in diameter.

With that in mind, try to master casting it onto a location that allows your laner to last-hit creeps without killing off minions inside by accident.

Or something like this in teamfights to avoid wasting your sigil's health reserve on halved damage.

That's not it. You'll have to know when to detonate Imperial Sigil early and when not to.

If presented with the tough choice between healing and damaging, try to prioritize healing over using your sigil for damage.


Never underestimate the amount of damage a single sigil dishes out, or you'd be left with half a can of beer and less than half your liv - err, I meant your health.

Offense can be a broad term. It could mean something along the lines of psychological offense. It could mean something along the lines of fists and sticks. Whatever it is, everyone loves being on the giving end but never on the receiving end. A bit odd, don't you think?

The go-to way to offend your enemies would be casting Imperial Sigil directly onto them. The damage serves as a deterrent to your enemies from huddling around in that dark corner.

Here is an example of forcing the enemy laner to farm closer to their jungle.

If your allied jungler is about to flank the opposing laner, doing this increases the chance of a succesful gank. However, do note that you'd have expended your Imperial Sigil offensively and should your team fail to gank, enemies will have an easy time turning the tip of the blade around.

Psychological warfare can also work. Just drop that sigil onto your laner before returning to your jungler. Unless the enemy team has vision on you, their laner would assume you're in the brush or somewhere close and as such, would opt out of getting aggressive or maybe even ganking. Essentially, you're messing your enemies' minds by being omnipresent!!! How cool is that?


Now, onto the part that makes Imperial Sigil such a flexible tool. We're not gonna talk about the speed boost, as anyone with eyes can register the sudden burst of magical speed when the sigil detonates. No, we'll talk about vision.

When you're about to roam back to your jungle, you can cast your sigil in another way aside from dropping it onto your ally or your enemy. Cast it into the enemy's mustache bush and let it sit for as long as possible as a part flare, part scout trap kinda thing.

Here's an example:

Now you get sufficient warning about enemy advancements!

This flare-trap hybrid can also help you steal your enemies' farm!

Now that's evil.


Bright Bulwark Stands Strong Even After The Nerf Storm Top

After a short delay (like, so short you don't even know it's a delay), Lyra deals a surge of Crystal damage in a wide area around her, slowing all enemies within range. Afterwards, the area is sealed shut by some dark sorcery.

Attached here is the much dreaded image of every Ardan's nightmare.

Should any one of the baddies touch the wall, they take the same amount of damage and are slowed too. Enemy dashes are interrupted (and they're affected the same way a baddie walks into a wall) when they try to enter the area. Enemies on the inside are snared, meaning their automatic movement abilities have temporarily abandoned them. As a side note, this ability does not disable movement-speed-increasing abilities.

As you can see, Blackfeather and Grumpjaw are affected by the snare on Bright Bulwark and cannot use their movement abilities.


You may be wondering, "Why the odd title for this chapter?!"

You see, the old Bright Bulwark, when overdriven, used to last for 6 whole seconds. It was then tweaked to 2.5 seconds. One day, the devs at SEMC went, 'Hmm...2.5 seconds is still a little too long. Let's cut it down to 2!' Such was Bright Bulwark's sad fate. It then received another whammy when its slow was reduced from 50% to the current 20%.

On the bright side, at least it didn't have the 20 something cooldown anymore! :D


Let's see how it affects every hero.


Arcane Passages Are Definitely Not Overpowered Top

Upon cast, Lyra teleports directly towards the target location, ignoring all possible terrain and granting her a short burst of speed. She leaves portal openings at both her initial and final location, to which both teams can freely use.

Anyone who goes through the portal is granted a short burst of move speed, but enemies have to wait for 1 second after the portals form before they get to use them.

While this ability offers little to no damage, it does surprisingly well in terms of utility.

Note: This ability cannot be cast if affected by Snare, Root, Stun, and Silence


Doing this can actually save lives otherwise lost, y'know.

As seen in both scenarios, Arcane Passage was used defensively in order to force enemies away from allies. Turn it around and you can use it offensively too. Just teleport in front of a fleeing enemy and enjoy your medium-rare beef Wellington, a-lã Ramsay!


It can also be used in tandem with Lyra's other abilities to create unique combos.

Of course, the most common combo Lyra players use would be:

A word of sage advice.

Don't let your lack of imagination impede you from pulling off absolutely disgusting combos with Arcane Passage.

Here's a combo you can meditate!!! :)

+ +

This is an extremely useful combo to take the offensive. This combo allows for surprise Gold Mine/Kraken steals or engages if used fluidly.

Next up, we have the same combo with a little adjustments.

Executing this combo can save the pathetic lives of your allies temporarily. When paired with Fountain of Renewal, you'd be able to save allies on the brink of death.

Try out weird and wacky combos, who knows what you'd have concocted.


This is a situational use of Arcane Passage. If you can coordinate with your teammates well, flawless backdoors can be achieved easily.


Strengths And Weaknesses Top

Let's look through Lyra's Pros and Cons.

+ Healing

+ High utility

+ Zone control

+ High mobility

- Low damage

- No CC

- Squishy

- Less impactful



+ She is the first and (currently) only hero with a kit centered around healing. Her heal easily outclasses most other heroes with healing.

+ She has a plethora of utility. Speed boosts, soft CC, damage, portals, zoning, vision, to name a few. Her wide range of application in abilities make her relatively flexible when it comes to using them.

+ Her kit allows her to control areas on the map to prevent enemy access or benefit allies. Enemies can be easily dissuaded from playing in a safe position, allowing easy exploitation.

+ Mobility is one if the most important aspects in MOBAs, and Lyra sure as hell has it. Played well, she can be absolutely impossible to pin down.


- She's a huge threat early, but as the game stretches on, her damage really starts to decline.

- Without hard CC, Lyra finds herself at a handicap compared to heroes with Stuns, Silences, Root, et cetera. Really, she has no way to make you stop attacking her teammates.

- She's just as vulnerable as the carries she protects, and is unable to really stay in the front lines.

- The impact of hers isn't as huge as other heroes like, say Adagio or Catherine. She just can't put a pause in fights.


Playing With Phases Top

Early Game

In this phase, you'd want to play a little more aggressive. When combining the damage on Principle Arcanum and Imperial Sigil, you can easily whittle down your enemy's health.

Try to bully the enemy carry out to create a safer environment for your carry, especially if you have a safe position to take advantage of. If you're the carry, save Imperial Sigil to heal yourself up and expect to be harassed due to the difficulty in last-hitting creeps.


At this point, you're pretty much nothing. Lyra's damage has already begun to fall off, and Imperial Sigil's cooldown has yet to become forgiving.

At this point, aim to constantly roam between both the lane and jungle. Try to sit a wave with your carry before joining your jungler through a rotation.

If played well, you should be getting Fountain of Renewal at approximately 5 minutes into the game.

Try to stay out of continuous combat until you've gotten more items.

Late Game

By this point, you've already grown into a formidable protector. If the enemy didn't abuse your weak mid-game, you should be capable of traversing most of the map without much worry.

Keep boosting your team with 5-second sigils. At this point, you should have at least 2 out of 3 core CD items.


Itemizing With The Right Mind Top

We're finally gonna get over the items! Yay! At long last! Let's get over this quick!

Captain Cores
Compared to other boots, I prefer Halcyon Chargers for the additional Energy, Energy recharge, move speed, cooldown reduction and a decent amount of health.
This is a no-brainer. Try to rush this to alleviate the amount of reliance on Imperial Sigil. Don't pop it too early though, it's precious.
Crucible is a pretty good item for Lyra to pick up. It provides a huge amount of Health and it can further enhance her ability to protect her allies. However, due to its low impact, I usually rush the others first.
Cooldown, vision and health are the main few reasons why Contraption should be an early pick-up. Being able to manage vision and increase map information is what separates the great Captains from the good.
Same reason as Contraption at the top when it comes to stats. However, Nullwave Gauntlet serves as an offensive measure for Lyra's team. Not only can it force out a Reflex Block on vigilant enemies, it can also punish Captains by Silencing them temporarily, allowing for easier engagements.
Echo is really useful for double Imperial Sigils or Bright Bulwark. Heck, it can even be used for double jumps, which make you close to impossible to catch.

Carry (Lane/Jungle) Cores
A staple item for Lyra due to her preference for drawn-out fights.
While Crystal Lyra is squishy, Eve of Harvest helps offset that weakness by offering even more sustain when paired with Imperial Sigil. The bonus Energy is a given.
Being a default protector, Lyra has some fancy base damage. Sadly, it comes from 2 legit sources only. Paired with the cheap, cheap Broken Myth, she can get some serious damage off at a low cost! Praise the lord!
A cheap and always helpful friend, Crucible becomes a sweet pick for the dauntless. It doesn't offer much in terms of Shields and Armor, but the bonus health makes your Imperial Sigil a team-friendly ability when in need. Plus, double Reflex Blocks.

Why don't I counter-build?

I see no value in counter-building (I know I'd be getting hate or something, sorry). However, you can always sub and item into the build to better fit the situation.


Friends And Foes, Dreams And Woes Top

Head on over to this BrokenMyth article on Lyra's team compositions!

Mortal Wounds

The typical counter to all things sustain, Mortal Wounds are capable of reducing Lyra's effectiveness.

Sources of Mortal Wounds include:

That's kind of it. Lyra doesn't have many counters and she's a good pick into any team composition.

You'll have to decide what you can work with and what you can't on your own, because everyone's got different playstyles!


Patch Comments And My Other Guides Top

Update 2.11!

Update 2.11 welcomes a newcomer to the Fold, Varya!!!

She looks like a fun hero to play, and I can't wait to unlock her once she's available.

Did anyone notice Reim's fingers? Hope you did. They're a beautiful display of fingers.

(A picture is coming along with the memes soon!)

Lyra's power has taken a huge hit. While it's already expected, the nerf to her healing was extremely harsh, if I'd say.

It'll take some time to get used to reduced healing on Imperial Sigil, but I'll try to remain positive about Lyra's performance!

Just to remind everyone, be sure to catch Vainglory Worlds from 14-17 December! Watch Live as we champion the victor on 17 December for at least 30 minutes and get the Championship Catherine skin for free!

Also, 5v5 hype!!!

My Other Guides!!!

I'll see if I can make other guides for my mains!
  • Reza
  • Baptiste
  • Celeste
  • Adagio
  • Flicker
  • Koshka
  • Reim


And Now, The Nutshell! Top

Wow, what a ride!

We've learnt about Lyra's Heroic Perk, Principle Arcanum, and the multiple uses of Imperial Sigil. That's not it, we've also studied the effectivity of Bright Bulwark and the amazing combos you can pull of with Arcane Passage!

Not to mention the synergy and items explained in such depth, Adele can be seen rolling in it!

In case you've missed anything, be sure to click the button down here to find it in a blink.

Bonus Chapter: Scout Trap Locations Top


I am Doctor Sausage from Site F01D. Site F01D has been compromised. I repeat. Site F01D has been compromised. Should this message relay to HQ, please notify Director Ploffard of a Code R3D.

I have compiled the necessary information from our tests before the Churn Storm erupted. We may be defeated, but you must continue fighting the war for the Halcyon.

Classified Information. Input Credentials

Make us proud and avenge our sacrifice, Agent.

Good luck.

Doctor Sausage, signing out.


Welcome To Endville Top

Thanks for reading through my Lyra guide!

I hope I've imparted some knowledge for those seeking to unravel Lyra's mysteries.

This guide took me a long time to complete, what with all the painstaking coding and editing.

With that said, do leave an upvote to let players new and old alike a higher chance on spotting it!

Also, leave your comments on how I can improve this guide further as you wish. I'll be editing this guide when 2.12/3.0 hits and I'll try to incorporate your suggestions into it as necessary!

I apologize for the confusing formats! I'm still experimenting with styles to find the right fit. I hope you'll bear it with me!!!

Changes Up 'Til This Horrible Day Top

|| 26-11-2017 || Guide Released 2.10!!! || (It's also my birthday!)

Notes: I've edited this section a little and added the missing rainbow rule to chapter "Strengths And Weaknesses"

|| 10-12-2017 || Revision 1, 2.11

Notes: A tiny overhaul.
  • Removed Synergy and Counters
  • Edited most censored words.
  • Additional change suggestions by u/Romakrol, u/Rzeqen, u/TheRiverSwales from Reddit.
  • Changed Chapter: "Pro Play Analyses" into "Patch Comments And My Other Guides".
  • Edited some numbers including Lyra burst heal effectiveness.
  • Changed the Threat Meter.
  • Modified builds.
  • I'll be adding memes for additional humor in a hotfix soon.
  • Oh, and I'm reverse-checking the creator of the picture of Toad. Will add their credit soon.


The Credits Roll Top

Thanks to SEMC for nerfing Lyra repeatedly since her release and still allowing her to be one of the strongest protectors in Vainglory.

Laggermeister's "How To Write A Successful Guide".

jhoijhoi's "Making A Guide"

Rapid Liquid's "Darth Gabe's theme - Imperial March (Star Wars)"

The creator of the disturbing picture of Toad???

Heavenly Choir

My friends at Reddit. Usernames stated at Change Notes.

This guide has supported the job of 1 person.
No cows were harmed in the making of this guide.
Copyrights belong to Sausage Studios.
2017_Sausage StudiosTM

As a complimentary parting gift, have this image I've edited and used in the chapter "Strengths And Weaknesses"!

The Image

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