Weapon Koshka by vel_koz

Weapon Koshka

By: vel_koz
Last Updated: Sep 2, 2014
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A Guide by vel_koz Top

Note: This guide was originally created by player vel_koz in the official Vainglory forums. The author displays as VG COMMUNITY as part of a bulk migration of guides to VaingloryFire. Enjoy!

Intro Top

I've seen alot of players jungling with crystal Koshka,and she hurts.

But without cooldown reduction, crystal Koshka is basically useless.

Basic attack is one thing for Koshka
•She can chase very well
•awesome gap-closers
•stun for her ultimate

With these 3 points in mind,let us go to the items.

Immediate Pain Build Top

1. Sorrowblade <Early game dmg
2. Tension Bow

3.Tyrant Monocle (For crit and att speed)

4.[Tornado Trigger]](More att speed)

5. Journey Boots (Close gaps or escape)

6.[[Serpent Mask] ( Life Steal when exchanging with squishies)

Quick Ganks Build Top

//Quick Ganks\\
1. Journey Boots (Move Speed)

2. Tornado Trigger (More attacks at a time)

3.Warhorn(For additional speed when closing gaps or escaping)

4. Atlas Pauldron ( So you'll be even more swifter when trading hits)

5. Shiversteel ( Slow the enemies more)

Reflex Block ( Protect yourself when you are low)


Basically, speedy Koshka is quite tanky and low damaged. You can replace the Reflex Block for a Sorrow Blade if there aren't any Ringo s in the opposing team.

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