Adagio's Boy Toy (Comprehensive Idris Guide)(Warning: Long) by TFDeathRay

Adagio's Boy Toy (Comprehensive Idris Guide)(Warning: Long)

By: TFDeathRay
Last Updated: Oct 15, 2017
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Build: Nightmare Idris(WP Nerf Makes Me Cry)

Ability Path

Divergent Paths
Heroic Perk
Shimmer Strike

Threat Meter

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Threat Hero Notes
Samuel Refer to Celeste but add some mobility.
Adagio Just ignore really. You can dodge his Ult if you Ult at the right time.
Idris Mirror Match. SHOW THEM WHOSE BOSS! I am setting the difficulty to one because I believe in you!
Celeste No mobility and all skillshots. Basically a minion with boots, except minions can aim.
Skaarf Should be no problem when you can just Ult and basically dodge his entire Ult and if they have a Sparkler skin then you can sit back and admire the fireworks before you kill him.
Koshka Assassins ain't got nothing on Idris. Your blink gives you a shield that will protect from initial damage which shuts down the point of assassins. Beware Koshka's stun.
Grace Watch out, not really, anyone with mobility can counter Grace.
Alpha If she starts getting to many stacks on her B just Ult and watch the stacks fade then reengage. Dodge her Ult with A.
Blackfeather Usually squishy. But if he plays right might be trouble. If you can combo then he is no threat.
Flicker This little fuzzball might give you a heart attack if he stealths but if you have vision he isn't problem. Watch out for a team stealth
Fortress Not a huge problem in 2.1 so don't worry too much, just tankiness.
Kestrel Pssh. Only problem is her stun and basic attack. Dodge her arrows.
Lance Again, mostly just tankiness. Watch out for stun and root.
Skye Battle of mobility. Depends who can out manuever the other. Idris is more likely to win because Skye can fly into your B and you can dodge her A with your A. A is dangerous because there is a slow regardless of build type but in return for nerfed wp damage.
Catherine Less tanky than before. Annoying stun and damage reflection. Wait for bubble to fade.
Gwen The burst is more or less of a real problem if PEOPLE CAN KITE, and she is nerfed. Otherwise just dodge her stun and you is good.
Lyra Miss Nerfed 2017. She can't do anything anymore except just annoy you with dot and ground. 4 because she's annoying.
Taka So goddamn annoying... Hurr durr lemme must X-Retsu, flip, and leave, haha GG. OR IS IT? You have your ult use it when he's about to stealth!
Ardan Bit bothersome due to tankiness and increase range on his A and B at lvl 11 but otherwise no problem because your weapon build can blink out of his ult or you can ult out.
SAW Max Spin Up? No Problem! Just give it a second or two, cause his decay starts in 3.5 seconds, then ult him so he can't attack you. Best if you catch him out.
Vox Mr. I get nerfed in about every update, still deals a lot of damage only if he is fed cause he is late game. Camp him early and don't worry about late game.
Glaive This kitty will tear you to shreds if you try to duel him. Use your chakram to kite and A to dodge his combo.
Petal More annoying than you think. Deals less damage now, thanks SEMC.
Ringo Ho boy. SEMC: Oh let's just reduce the cooldown and energy of his B because he isn't OP already. Me: Is this because people can't kite? Cause some can.
Baron Deals a lot of damage with just on rocket jump. You can also hitch a ride with your Ult if he tries to fly away.
Reim Dumb frost wizard with too much defense. Kite, just don't one v one. AVOID HIS ABILITIES!
Ozo Annoying to one v one. Avoid knock back by ulting to an ally, OR you can ult on him and watch him stop suddenly and look as if he is contemplating his life choices. Basically that one friend who tries to act funny and you somehow can't get away from.
Rona Buffed and dealing more damage with autos. Avoid one v one and ult, just kite. Atlas is preferable in this situation.
Joule All skillshots. Only reason she made it this high is because of her dominance in weapon power in 2.1. Stay wary.
Krul DO NOT ONE V ONE! Kite him with Chakram and blink if he gets too close. Atlas is preferable in this situation.
Grumpjaw Grumpy here's gonna get grumpier without someone in his belly. Watch out for his B if he is building weapon, you'll die. Nerfed a bit.
  No Threat

Table Of Contents Top

1. Overview Top

Intro to IDRIS

Idris overall is one of the most fun and unique heroes I have ever played. He is right up there with Vox(When he was first released), Ardan, and Rona. His damage output is insane(for now) and his mobility is ridiculous.

This build is made solely for the purpose to help you(the player) git gud. Now I here all of you chanting

But I am good, I am just looking for a decent guide.

Alright, alright fine I believe you. Let's get back on the subject of the matter, Idris. The main reason weapon is awesome on Idris is because ALL THREE OF HIS ABILITIES HAVE WEAPON RATIOS. I know what you're thinking

But his crystal build gives him a nice little ranged basic attack.

My response is that if you want to stay safe in the backlines then play someone else because the ranged basic attacks COMPLETELY defeat the purpose of giving Idris his insane mobility. Throughout this guide I will give little tidbits as to why each item in the example builds are good.

2. Bah! What's he good for? Top

Idris is amazing. He has great mobility which leads to amazing ganks and an awesome poke.

Choose Idris when your carry builds crystal. But what if I still want to play him cause he's fun. My response: find another guide that builds him crystal or I might make a crystal Idris guide. Remember, always pick whoever can benefit the team the most, don't pick out of selfishness. Idris is a slippery "nuker", emphasis on slippery, quotes on nuker because one, if you don't feel slippery with Idris or you feel he has a tough time getting out of bad situations, then you are playing him wrong, or he's not your type of hero. Two, I put nuker in quotes because his damage comes (my opinion) mostly from his Chakram; if you land a combo, usually the Chakram was the ability that did the most work. Otherwise, you can poke your enemy with the Chakram over and over again until the time is right then you kill them.

3. Abilities Top


We are beginning with his passive. Divergent Paths is extremely unique, Kudos to SEMC. Basically Idris gets good stuff depending on what he is building. This completely shuts down support Idris so yeah, unless your that one person who just builds a Sorrowblade or Shatterglass then goes all tank and blames his/her teammates when he/she loses. Basically if you build the magic number 125 weapon power or crystal power Idris will change to fit his path. Weapon makes his Shroudstep a blink and Crystal gives you ranged basic attacks, but as I have explained in the previous paragraph, this is going to be a weapon power Idris build.


First, let us address his Shroudstep. It's a basic ability but boy does it have secrets. First, Shroudstep is a dash/blink(if you build weapon). Second, it empowers your next basic attack on an enemy. Third, if you haven't taken damage recently then it will grant you a shield. Finally, let me explain why the hell this ability is OP if people use it properly. The dash/bilnk can dodge any skillshot if you react fast enough, the empowered basic attack is the reason why Tension Bow is amazing on him, and lastly the shield is the same size as crystal Krul's.


Chakram is the next ability and holy **** on a stick is this ability innovative Kudos to SEMC. Chakram seems simple enough, Idris throws out a chakram the returns to him, BAM straightforward gameplay.NOPE. Guess again. This ability has a deep secret which will be the bane of the enemy team. If you do not catch the chakram it will remain in flight until you catch it. Both your Shroudstep and Shimmer Strike can dodge the chakram. Oh I forgot to mention that every time the chakram passes through an enemy it will deal damage. If your mind hasn't been blown yet then it should be. I get to the ridiculos combos later but for now just revaluate your life choices before reading about the Shimmer Strike.


And finally the Ult, Shimmer Strike. Again Kudos to SEMC for this brilliant champion and his abilities. Shimmer Strike is sort of ridiculous. Idris latches onto an enemy for 1.2 seconds or an ally for 2.8 seconds and during the time he is INVULNERABLE! Just sit back and think for a second, if Taka is hella annoying with just a .2 second invulnerability then someone who can just disappear from the game for about a second to three seconds then what is the point of even trying to use skill shots. After the time passes, Idris jumps off in a target direction dealing AoE and if you don't choose a direction Idris will return to his original position. This is actually ridiculous.

4. C - C - C - COMBOS Top

This is the list of EPIC combos Idris can perform.



1. The Basic One-Two (Difficulty: 1)
Chakram + Shroudstep + Basic Attack

2. The JumpMan (Difficulty: 3)
Chakram + Shroudstep + Basic Attack if possible + Shimmer Strike + Jump off in
direction of enemy

3. The Defensive (Difficulty: 5)
Chakram + Shimmer Strike + Shroudstep + Basic Attack

4. The Usain Bolt (Difficulty: 6)
Chakram behind you + Journey Boots or Halcyon Chargers towards enemy +
Shroudstep + Basic Attack + Shimmer Strike + Jump off in direction of enemy

5. The Olympian (Difficulty: 7)
Chakram + Shroudstep + Basic Attack + Shimmer Strike + Jump off in
direction of enemy + Shroudstep + Basic Attack

6. The Catch-Up (Difficulty: 8)
Shroudstep + Basic Attack + Chakram + Shimmer Strike + Jump off in direction of
enemy + Shroudstep + Basic Attack

7. The Helicopter Parent (Difficulty: 9)
Basic Attack + Chakram + Basic Attack + Shroudstep + Basic Attack if possible +
Shimmer Strike + Jump off in direction of enemy + Basic Attack if possible + Shroudstep
+ Basic Attack

8. The God Mode (Difficulty: 9.5)
Chakram behind you + Echo + Shroudstep + Basic Attack if possible + Chakram
+ Shimmer Strike + Jump off in direction of enemy + Shroudstep + Basic Attack

9. The (Alt) God Mode (Difficulty: 9.5)
Chakram behind you + Journey Boots or Halcyon Chargers and Echo all at the
same time + Shroudstep + Basic Attack + Chakram + Shimmer Strike + Jump off in
direction of enemy + Shroudstep + Basic Attack

10. The Perfect Storm (Difficulty: 10!)
Basic Attack + Chakram + Echo + Chakram + Shroudstep +
Basic Attack if possible(INSANE to pull off) + Shimmer Strike + Jump off in direction
of enemy + Shroudstep + Basic Attack

WARNING: Difficulty levels are based on my friend's opinion and are subject to change. Additionally enemy
might be dead in the middle of some of these combos.

5. Itemization Explanation(Builds listed above are dynamic(Fits both lane and jungle)) Top

Alright, time for the item choices!


First, we have Sorrowblade. You might be saying

Why Sorrowblade, it only gives flat damage and there's no passive.My response is that you haven't been reading this guide and you're only skimming through it for a reason why Idris needs Sorrowblade. Again I shall repeat from CHAPTER 2, his ability Divergent Paths. THE MAGIC NUMBER IS 125! If Idris builds 125 weapon or crystal power then he gets better stuff, so what easier way than to get that over with, with just a Sorrowblade which gives 150 weapon power. Sure, no passive sucks but I'd rather activate my own passive with an item than have a passive on an item.
Second, we have Poisoned Shiv. This new item honestly is like SEMC just took a steaming dump on people who loved building Fountain of Renewal(I was one of those people.(ಥ﹏ಥ)). Really the main reason I am going Poisoned Shiv is because of the life steal, attack speed, and Mortal Wounds. This item can really be replaced with any other attack speed item(besides Breaking Point and Alternating Current, or Serpent's Mask.
Finally, we end it with Journey Boots. Honestly, for me this is the best choice of boots for Idris because every time you damage an enemy the cool down is set to 12 seconds which makes for a great chase, which will always end with Idris winning.


There is Tension Bow(Item is too early game and doesn't fit too well(Credit to Maximus Prime)). This highly debated item is usually only seen as a good burst initiation, and to that I say, yeah that's basically it. Now since I said that, I can hear you all saying
Then why build Tension Bow, Idris already has good damage overall.The reason for Tension Bow is that it synergizes so well with Idris' Shroudstep. Idris' Shroudstep EMPOWERS the next basic attack, so if you take that and Tension Bow which gives a boost too your basic attack every 6 seconds along with armor pierce then, let's just say that all duels you start, will be with you at more than full health, because of the shield you get after Shroudstep, and the enemy at 75% or less health.

Rest of Build Options

This item right here is just, I have no words that can explain how amazing this item is. I can hear you guys saying
If it's so OP then why isn't it a core item, huh? Echo of itself is amazing in that you can pull off some extremely cheeky stuff like the combos I mentioned in the combo section, but besides that Echo doesn't provide much benefits to Idris' weapon path. Sure the extra energy and cooldown reduction is super, but you can live without this item. Unless you're the Faker of Vainglory then you always go this item.
Alright, Aegis is pretty simple; you get a lot of shield, some armor, and a barrier for your active. Why I like it? Well for starters, the barrier blocks crowd control which can easily shut down Idris and it is just a great defensive item in general.
Slumbering Husk is great when the enemy team has people like Taka or anyone with huge burst potential. Husk nullifies most of their combos which is great if you want to be alive to fight back.
Nullwave Gauntlet might be a strange item choice for Idris but trust me it's pretty amazing. First off the item takes off 50 to 100 + 15% of their max health in crystal damage, 15%! Second the item silence can just take away their last hope of getting away while you burst them down. Finally, the item itself gives heath, cooldown reduction, and energy regen(which can be converted to stamina regen).
Tyrant's Monocle is great if you are ahead and you just want to add more burst to your basic attacks.
Again another item for if you are ahead. Can replace Poisoned Shiv.
Gibs armor nuff said.

Safety Item

Not confidant if you can pull off that sweet, sweet combo or don't have enough burst potential? Buy a Shiversteel! With the low, low cost of 1450 gold in update 2.0; you can get 500 health and a great active that slows your enemies by 1.2 sec * the number of basic attacks. This is the item where you just want to kill and make sure they're really dead.

6. Lane, Jungle, or Roam Top


-Lots of farm
-Great clear speed
-Great poke
-Open space
-Can easily dodge turret aggro
-Bait enemy abilities

-Enemy is usually ranged
-Will be poked
-Last-Hitting(If you're not good at it)
-Might get jumped
-No Halcyon Potions because of update
-(Solo Queue)No vision


-Free farm(Depending on support)
-Walls for great escapes and fast farming
-You can control vision(If no one else does)
-Deprive enemy of farm
-Pull off sick ganks worthy of the star face
-Catch out enemy laner/jungler

-Crystal miner op
-Jungle shop opens at 4:00
-Enemy jungler might be good
-Might accidentally miss a wall jump
-Ally support might be trash
-No Halcyon Potions because of update



7. Next Level STRATS Top

Time to make some PRO plays!


Strat 1: CS
If your're taking Idris into the lane be ready to farm. For me Idris' Chakram is the best was to CS. Get the best use of your Chakram so as to hit the most amount of minions, refer to the diagram below(not attached yet).

Strat 2: Predict and Poke
If you think you're going to stay in lane and be a pacifist, please leave, otherwise POKE THE SH#T OUT OF THE ENEMY LANER. The enemy laner is usually a squishy, damage dealer, so close the gap with Shroudstep and Chakram, BAM, easy damage. Also, keep your prediction skills sharp, predict where the enemy will step(usually to use an ability) and throw your Chakram there.

Strat 3: Expect the Worst
Too many times and emphasis on TOO MANY, have I seen people play Idris lane and repeatedly get ganked and die because they push too far in. Especially in this update because of the changes to jungle. Since the jungle shop spawns at 4:00, whoever clears their side of the jungle and pulls the first gank, will usually get first blood. Be sure to stay safe when farming by keeping to your side of the ring. By ring I mean the golden ring on the map, in the middle of lane, that has a golden spear/arrow through it. Statistically, the more you stay on your side of the lane the less likely you are to be ganked.


Strat 1: Farm It Up
As Idris, farming is the most important objective next to winning. Why? Because Idris needs all the farm he can get his hands on. When farming avoid getting rooted by the Treants; they are super annoying since you can't get the best clear time when you farm. Never be afraid to use your abilities, remember you have NO MANA, so spam as many as you can just be sure to auto every now and then. Whenever you have free time, farm, just ganked lane and won? Farm. Enemy jungler and/or captain dead? Farm. Not needed for anything at the moment? Farm.

Strat 2: Pressure Them ALL
Idris is in my opinion early game, Idris in actuality is late game. From the games I've played I have seen him have somewhat of an early game dominance as well as late game, just don't get caught out. Whenever it's possible, invade the enemy jungle and try to bully them out(my advice is to buy a scout trap as soon as you can, preferably when you finish your first clear, back and and grab your next item, if possible, and a scout trap and place it in the enemies triangular bush next to Gold Miner, that way you have complete vision for the first 5-6 mins of the game because contraption is usually a second or third item for supports and they usually don't ward their own bush unless they are losing), you have some power to. The sooner you clear you jungle, the sooner you invade theirs. Deny the enemy of any farm. Chakram is insane when it comes to damage, just poke them to death, even the carry. However Idris falls off a bit late game and by a bit I mean stumbling over a crack in the street.

You have a captain to give you your initiations. The longer you can drag out a team fight the more you can poke them with your Chakram. Eventually the enemy team will be at a severe disadvantage and the captain with charge in and you, you go for the carry. The amount of damage you can bring is insane. If you play Idris right, then you can three or two shot the carry then clean up as simple as that.

8. Idris be Nimble, Idris be Quick, Idris jumped over the Candlestick(and the wall) Top

This Chapter Can Be Described in One Word: MOBILITY

Idris is stupid mobile; it's as if Usain Bolt and Simone Biles had a child that was granted the Speed Force. You have to understand the opponent in order to outplay them. Predict where the enemy with throw their skillshot and use your Shroudstep to dodge it. If it is on cooldown you can always resort to your ult. What I love about his ult is that the enemy has absolutely no idea where you will jump off and you can use that to your advantage to play mind games with them. Ult onto the enemy captain and if they think you're going to jump off to your original position, jump towards their carry and blow em sky high. Turn your captain into a suicide bomber by ulting them while they charge into the enemy and once again blow up their carry. The possibilities are limitless and you can have fun doing it.

Below I have attached a picture of all of the possible wall jumps with Idris. The jumps are color-coded with:
Orange = Easy Jump, Almost No Skill Needed
Purple = Hard Jump, Needs Some to a Lot of Practice
Blue = One-Way Jump, You Can Only Jump From Where The Green Dot Begins

9. Boosted Bonobos Top

Don't Act Dumb

The most important thing about Idris is that you should never, EVER, be overconfident. EVER!!!!!!!!! Overconfidence is how most Idris players throw games(with an S). These players act all tough early game thinking OMG! I deal sooooo much damage! Is this even a fight anymore? It seems like a massacre! and then mid and late game comes and these players start, excuse my language, b**ching about how weak Idris or even worse, BLAMING THEIR TEAM. As a support main, I incredibly despise when my jungler blames the laner for problems in jungle, I couldn't give less of a s*it if they blamed me honestly, if the laner is 13/2/4 and the support is 1/4/14, yet you're 1/8/3, then there's no one to blame but yourself.

Don't Be That Guy.

10. SUPA SYNERGIES (For Insane Combos or Winning the Game) Top

TOP TIER SYNS(Super Mobile)

*If Idris ults onto an ally that is invisible, he himself will be invisible meaning the green circle around an ally will be unseen by the enemy, unless he has recently taken a scout trap to the face. Big Shoutout to Alpheas, zeronohero, hanseljr, and VideoVillain_NA for helping me out!*

Grace is pretty frickin awesome if you want that sick engage from her Benediction, but there's more to it because if you are low on health but still want to engage, you can jump on her, she smacks someone with Benediction, then you jump off as she begins to heal you. Super sick.
BASICALLY A PONY THAT"S SCALY. Have him charge in and jump off as soon as he swallows their Captain or Jungler and DESTROY their carry.
Healing that gives a speed boost? Cage that grounds enemies? PORTAL THAT YOU CAN TRAVEL THROUGH WHILE SIMULTANEOUSLY PI*SING OFF YOUR CHAKRAM? Need I say more? #ChakramLivesMatter
Hitch a ride whenever you can with this monkey. He dashes, bounces, and rolls! Why walk when you can ult on him and ride into the battlefield like Jack Atlas(Yu-Gi-Oh).
Ult on her when her Prime Directive's got a lock on someone and jump off her as she explodes, causing more damage, and because that's what the cool guys do, they never look at explosions even if they're pelted by shrapnel from every angle.
Taka's box can totally fit two people(I mean where else can Koshka go to "rest"( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)), and when he X-Retsu's you can hop right off and steal his killing spree because he instalocked jungle.
Hanging with Blackfeather is like hanging around your one athletic friend who always forces you to try something new, even though you two went mountain bungee sky diving Scrabble last Tuesday.
When Skye dashes, she's going to make a lot more than one delivery. You'll be soaring through the Skye(Sorry, not sorry) with missiles and bullets; the show's gonna be brighter than the fireworks in the background of the fold.
A silence for good protection as you sit on her shield and charge into the battle; the one she stuns is the one you kill.
Ride with Rona as she leaps Into the Fray splitting foes into Red Mist(Again. Sorry, not sorry)
Kestrel + Idris = AMAZING FLANK TACTICS! Enemy can't see you when you ult onto an invisible ally!

Mid Tier Syns(Somewhat Mobile)

Baptiste might only have a burst of movement speed as mobility but he does bring an array of valuable crowd control into perspective.
Hitch a ride with your bestie! As soon as you jump off, he'll give you increased damage and healing not to mention it's hilarious watching crystal Adagio blow up and stun the entire enemy team and you can clean up.
Welcome to the arena! Ardan jumps in with practically any ability because of increase range on his A and B and his C is just super amazing for singling someone out!
Silly Flicker tricks are for Idris. Amazing team wide stealth, roots, and slows not to mention if you ult on top of him while he's invisible, there's no visual effect of your ult that is visible to the enemy, in other words it's basically means that the green ring under and ally that is invisible, is also invisible. (That explanation was not simpler...). OKAY, time for ez terms: Friend(Invis) + Idris(Ult) = Both(Invis). If anyone wants it in Java just ask me.
Super awesome engage with A and C, plus A also gives lifesteal on the target that is marked, so lifesteal and movement speed and a leap = AWESOME!
Super awesome engage with A and C, plus A also gives lifesteal on the target that is marked, so lifesteal and movement speed and a leap = AWESOME!
Axe Cat can rocket you right behind a valuable target and let you take care of the rest. Be sure to give him belly rubs later.
Same applies for Joule, she can jump behind your target and you can clean up while she zones the others.
Koshka can jump around faster than she can run. Be sure to take advantage of her when she's ulting to "secure" the kill and chase down the others together.
Amazing speed boost from bushes and great crowd control to keep the priority target from running away. The stacks of weakness can help keep you alive, not Krul because Krul doesn't die.
He can roll and root the target that you're aiming for while knocking away the ones that want that sweet bounty/shutdown that's on your head.
True dilemma. Not sure if you're the one supporting Petal or if Petal is supporting you. Petal is still to OP.

Weak Syn/No Syn(Sitting Duck)

Celeste prefers surfing on the edge of the battlefield, eating peanut butter, and nuking people. Makes no sense for her to charge into the battle like a tank/initiator.
Same goes for Skaarf
and SAW
and Vox
aannnnnd Samuel
He jumps out of the fight not into it.
Again, she cleanses to get out not run in.
No need for ult. Just wait for Phinn to pull them in then let loose.
Refer to Celeste, again.

Paradox Synergy

୧୧୧♋୨୨୨<---Black Hole
/(.□ . \)

Disclaimer: All of these synergies work the best if you are playing with a friend or team because no one in solo queue is going to go Taka or Krul support/roam.

11. Time To Get Serious Top

In order to understand my Lingo refer to these:
(E, M, L)G - (Early, Mid, Late) Game
ScSc Camp - Small Creep, Small Creep Camp
BcBc Camo - Big Creep, Big Creep Camp
TS - Treant that spawns where the shop spawns
T1 - The first Treant you walk by
T2 - The one that sits near the KM Bush
KM Bush(s) - The triangular bushes on either side of Kraken Pit/ Gold Miner
CS Bush - The bush next to the Crystal Sentry
G Bush - Did 9-11(jk lol)(If this offends anyone, I'm sorry PM me and I will remove it)
FF - Does not mean to forfeit in my terms, it means Free Farm(Farming Lane/ Farming JG in spare time)

Early Game

00:00 - 5:59

Ahhhhh, early game, no pressure, no danger, no FARM?!? DO NOT LET YOUR GUARD DOWN IN EARLY GAME! Idris isn't what we would call an "early game hero". When you get into the game, the first thing you do is run as fast as you can to the ScSc Camp ... PSYCH! Buy items first, the group in KM Bush because(in lower tiers, I think) the enemy laner will come and steal your T1 and maybe your BcBc Camp, I am guilty of this myself, sometimes. Try not to pick any fight EG, you won't win much of them. Hang tight and farm as much as you can, try to steal, not fight, TS if you can, cause once JG shop spawns, you have a minute and 59 seconds before things get hectic(Times might vary).

Mid Game

6:00 - 14:59

Mid Game is a bit of a drag. Try to keep your carry safe as well as yourself. When teamfighting, let your captain give you a solid initiation, DO NOT INITIATE TEAMFIGHTS YOURSELF, you will die a horrible, CC filled death and your resting place will be covered with question pings. As soon as a team fight breaks out, prioritize the enemy carry cause if anyone's going to kill you, it's most likely them, however, DO NOT charge straight through everyone else, the enemy can sense you trying to target their carry and will peel super hard for them. Flank if possible, be sure to vision of at least their jungler or captain so you can get a sense of exactly where their carry might be.

Late Game

15:00 - End Game?(What if game never ends?)

Late Game, late game is where Idris feels at home. A home cozier than the desert he stayed at. Now, LG is when you wanna be makin the plays, plays that will make your allies swoon and enemies complain that you're a 1337 hacker. However, don't act too cocky otherwise you'll end up in a state worse then having an elevator dropped on you. Be smart, let your Roamer give you the perfect initiation, then follow up with all the firepower at your disposal, unleash hell on the enemy starting with the laner, then the jungler, and finally their roamer. Remember to keep your cool, and steal Kraken when you can.

12. Updates, Buffs, and Nerfs Top

Update 2.0


Update 2.1

Update 2.2

Update 2.3


Update 2.4

Update 2.5


Update 2.6


Update 2.7

Update 2.8

Update 2.9

13. Talents, Oooo Top

Coming Soon(Might take a while, I got too much stuff to do atm)

Community Creations! (Submit through PM or Comments) Top

Community Combos

1. The Sneaky Ninja (Creator: SalamanderSword14)
Start in Bush...Prey Approaches + Chakram + Basic Attack + Shimmer Strike + Leap Off in
Direction of Enemy + Basic Attack + Journey Boots(optional) + Shroudstep


Sick Plays


Thanks Top

Thanks, everyone who voted, commented, helped, or even viewed my guide. I honestly couldn't have created this guide without the help of the entire Vainglory community for being just plain awesome. I'll be back with more juicy content if you guys want to see more. I hope to see all of you on the Fold! Buh Bye!

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