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CP Skye[2.0]

By: Xavier130
Last Updated: Jan 16, 2017
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Introduction Top

I am Xavier130, a T10 Lane/Roam/Fill main from SEA. Skye is one of my comfort picks whenever i carry due to how strong she is if you can aim your skillshots well and have good positioning. Skye is a very versatile hero who can go WP/CP and go lane/jungle. She is great against slow, immobile heroes who she can aim her skillshots at and kite easily.

How to use her abilities well Top

Forward Barrage will be the source of your main damage. This means that you need to be able to hit this very consistently. If possible, you should aim your barrage in the direction of which your enemies is trying to run to. Say, if your enemy is right below the left side minion miner and running to the right side, which is where the enemies allies are. You should thus aim your barrage towards the right, as thats the enemies final destination and he will have to stand along your line of fire to escape to his allies. If you are kiting, aim at a 180 degree of where you are kiting to so your enemy has to stand in it to chase you. You should kite directly away from your enemy but if theres a narrow hall way, kite towards there. What does this mean? Say your enemy is chasing you from the right tri-bush. You are running towards the shop according to the above logic. If your allies are at the left of the right shop bush, you should kite away from your allies and go down the narrow hallway of where the two shop minions are. This allows you to kite and hit your forward barrage consistently along the hallway and force your enemies to think of if they want to chase you, the squishy and get sandwiched between you and your team or fight your teams frontline, with you safely at the back at a position where you can deal damage easily.

Suri Strike is your repositioning ability, your cooldown reset ability and your burst damage ability. With so many functions, you need to time the usage of this ability well so you get the maximum effect out of it. If you use it prematurely, it will lead to you not having it when you need it for other functions. Here are some examples of when to use it. When you are kiting, you shouldn't be thinking of using it for its burst damage, or for its cooldown reduction. Your main purpose right now is to consistently do damage using your Forward Barrage while not dying. Thus, you should use it for its repositioning. For Example, you have been kiting and are now pretty low on health. But you have kited so far away from your team and the only person close to you is the enemy assasin trying to kill you. You can now use your Suri Strike and kite AWAY from the direction you were kiting towards and move towards your team. This jukes the assasin and allows you to go back to your team and recieve a Fountain of Renewal.
Situations where you use it for cooldown reduction and usually are when theres a enemy on low health or you have to outburst an enemy. For example, you have isolated yourself with the enemy carry. You use your forward barrage to whittle 70% of his health. You then Suri strike into a position where you will hit the enemy with it and use the second forward barrage to deal maximum damage.

You will want to use Suri Strike for burst damage when theres a low health enemy. Forward Barrage is always a more reliable source of damage but in a open area where hitting it might be hard and the enemy is low enough to be one shotted by a [Suri strike], you can just use Suri Strike for the burst damage.
For reference, the length of each colour is how often you will use Suri Strike.


Death From Above is arguably one of the hardest abilities in the game to use properly. The channel time for this ability is pretty significant and thus you need to aim it VERY well to land a stun against high-elo opponents. As the stun is hard to land, most use it as a zoning ability instead.
If you use it purely for zoning, a good chunk of your damage is wasted as you are CP. This is the reason many say that CP Skye is a high difficulty hero.

First, Let's talk about how exactly you aim this ability. To use this ability, you need to use your heroic perk and get a target lock. If you use your Death From Above directly onto the enemy with the target lock, a small circle of missles will shoot onto the target lock, with the position of the enemy being the centre of fire in the instance you channel Death From Above.
The horizontal lines of fire is where things gets complicated(This guide was created listening to Avril's playlist <3<3). Imagine this. If you click directly out of the target lock circle, the line of fire will be created perpendicular to the circle. The area where you click will also be the middle of the line of fire and the line will never cross through the circle. To see where the Death From Above will be created, look at the angle of which the area you click and create a line perpendicular to where the circle is, with the point you click as the middle.
That was the best representation I could make and to understand how it works, you need to play her instead of pure visualising. Go into solo practice and get six clockworks. Look at this guide and try it out against the jungle creeps. Once you understand how the ability is aimed, look at when to use it below.
If you can master Death From Above well, you will be a very strong Skye player as the rest of her abilities and mechanics are actually pretty straightforward.

These are the different ways of using Death From Above.
When taking objectives, the maximum damage output of the Death From Above will come from the circular method. Click on the objective and use Death From Above on it. Simple.
When you see two or more enemies clumped up, use your Death From Above on the clumped up enemies and you will usually get at least one stun and lots of damage.
If you see a immobile hero with no movement abilities and their boots have been spent, target lock them and use the circular method and you will usually hit them(RIP Celeste D:).
In a perfect/ high-elo teamfight, where the carry is at the back and the frontline is at the front, you can put a line in between the frontline and the carry. This makes it dangerous for the frontline as they can no longer retreat and if they go to far front, their carry is out of range. You can also Suri Strike to the backline as the frontline can't help their carry anymore.
When kiting, put a line in front of you as you kite so the enemy has to take a big chunk of damage of stop chasing you.
When kiting, put a line of fire BEHIND the enemy and then Suri Strike behind the enemy so your Death From Above is already being fired and this will instantly gain you distance between you and your enemy.
To do damage, place your Death From Above anywhere where it will hit multi-targets and they will have to disperse into a worse position due to everyone scrambling away or get hit anyways.
To siege, put a line of fire at your enemies max range so they either have to move forward and risk getting hit or move back and give the turret away.

Strengths and weaknesses Top

Skye has a concurrent theme which is why i will not create a threat list. Skye is good against those with skillshots and slow but weak against those fast, burst, on-hit heroes.

Early game Top

If you are going to lane, always start with a weapon blade. The other item can vary from BoE, Crystal Bit, Boots, T1 Defense. If you are going to jungle, it can go from Weapon blade+Crystal Bit, 2x Crystal Bit, Boots+ Weapon Blade/Crystal Bit. The reason for weapon blade is because it makes farming so much easier and faster. It is also better for level 1 power as there is no Suri Strike and your AA damage will be significant. I usually prefer Weapon blade + Crystal bit going to lane and dual crystal bits going jungle as these two give the maximum damage going to lane/jungle and gives me a quick start to my crystal items.
After a few rotations, I like to get a very early ~3 min Travel boots as Skye is very dependent on her mobility. The base damage from a few crystal bits is enough with Skyes immense base damage and scaling. In terms of playstyle, i prefer to play very aggresively as Skye in the early game. As Skye has great clear, regardless in lane or jungle, you can use the fast wave clear to your advantage and stop your enemy from taking their shop camps. If they try to contest, use your Forward Barrage to continuosly poke them down and start a poke war, only if its a 2v2 or 3v3. If its a 2v3, just dont get caught out and your lane cs will edge out. IF its a 3v2, push your advantage into the enemies backs and push your enemy out of the jungle.

Mid game Top

Mid game is where other heroes usually start to get painful. IF you are laning, play passively and keep farming well. If you are jungling, farm and push an advantage in the lane. Don't go all in though and just back your laner up and be content in farming up and not giving advantages away.

Late game Top

Late game is where you become a huge threat. Your Forward Barrage does >60 dmg per tick and your Suri Strike does >400 damage. Stay at the backline and keep poking. IF there is a bigger threat then you, consider diving into the backline for it. If you have a range advantage over it, use it. Your damage potential wins anyone with no stacks up if you can hit your abilities on them.

Item choices Top

Frostburn is a great item for when you need to kite well and/or have trouble hitting your enemies. Would not recommend if against a even bigger threat as you usually need to outdamage them and require higher damage items. Always get this if you can't hit your abilities consistently though.

Broken Myth is a good item after your core Broken Myth if your enemies are building lots of shield against you or your team s going double CP.

Shatterglass is a good item for flat more damage. It is the most consistent item and is your choice if you don't know what to get after your core items.

Clockwork could work if you have your cores already but i almost always prefer a Shatterglass over Clockwork in every situation. If you desperately need the cooldown then it can he a good substitute.

Aegis is usually your upgrade for Reflex Block as it gives the most pure defense stats. Get it as your third item after BM and Eve if you are having trouble against a CP enemy.

Metal Jacket is a choice of a WP enemy is destroying you. Get this after your cores and go for three offensive + two defense.

Journey Boots is always my preferred choice but Halcyon Chargers is an ok substitute if you really want that extra energy and cooldown.

Slumbering Husk is good if you get continuously bursted. Use in tandem with a Reflex Block and go for a 3 offense 2 defense build.

Final words Top

Skye is a very simple hero once you understand the mechanics. This is why the game phases are so short in description. Practice her skill mechanics and your kiting, farming and positioning and Skye will become your pocket hero quickly.

P.S Max your A if less certain of landing your C. Max C if it is very important for teamfights.

Positioning As Top

Inspired by Festiny's cry for help on improving (;)), this is a little help on how to position. First, look at who you are against the enemy heroes. Generally, if you are against someone with a higher range than you, you need to dive in or flank that enemy. If you are against someone of a lower range, keep at your max range and kite out. Now, some implications are whether they are skillshot heroes. Against a shorter range hero with a blockable skillshot, say Kestrel into Celeste, Celeste needs to position in a way where she is at max range and kiting with a tank such as Catherine in front of her, while Kestrel needs to flank and dive for Celeste in a way where she can either AA celeste down quickly or burst her down with her glimmershots, which needs the tank to not be helping Celeste bodyblock.

With a lower range hero against a higher range blockable skillshot hero, you will need to dive the enemy with a tank in front of you simultaneously. This can be ringo against Kestrel. Ringo has a higher attacj speed compared to Kestrel and without her glimmershots burst, ringo will win. Thus, ringo needs a tank in front of him. This can be hard to coordinate in soloq and to help this, try your best to immediately followup on any aggresive plays your teammate makes to make the best of it and not let them die for no reason.

With a shorter range against a longer range with AoE skillshots, you will need to flank and dive from totally different sides. This matchup can be Skye vs Celeste. Flanking from a side will give you the surprise factor, which often causes skillshotters to panic and miss many shots. Being on every different side means that they can't utilize their AoE to their best of their abilities and will have to split the damage. This allows quick burst and a easy sandwich.
As a melee hero against a ranged hero, you will need to dive in and put the ranged in a very dangerous and uncomfortable position before you get left in the enemy lines by yourself and get focused down. Such a matchup can be Rona against vox. If rona were to just jump into the backlines without her teams support, she would have no escape paths and will just get focused down once vox zooms out of the spin. In order to get vox into a dangerous position, Rona could use her B in, get a few normal attacks in and then B again before using her A to get out. This way, rona has an escape path and does a decent chunk to Vox. By doing this, the enemy will either disengage or try to chase, seeing your A is down. If they try to disengage, immediately go for an objective and force the enemy to react to you. If they were to chase, after running away from them(say to the left), move down away from your allies. Then, if they engage your allies,your gapclosers would be off cooldown and you can jump, maybe even over walls, to flank them and cause serious damage. If they were to run for you, you can stand still as they will run to you. Then, you can just spin. This way, they are fighting into you which means you get a great counter engage opportunity and cankill them before they outkite you. If you are way alone and your allies cant help you, spinning for a moment before jumping away can always be an option. Your allies should be healthy as well which means you can again reengage should need be.

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