POWERSPIKE SKYE! 2.11 Ranked Skye Build (POA Gold) by Zack Inbound

POWERSPIKE SKYE! 2.11 Ranked Skye Build (POA Gold)

By: Zack Inbound
Last Updated: Jan 26, 2018
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CP Skye is insanely strong in Vainglory 2.11. Skye's mobility and damage potential make her difficult to avoid and terrifying to take on head to head.

In this Youtube video, I give my live reactions to a ranked game where I utilize this Skye build to harass and incinerate the enemy team. Try out this build and let me know how you do!

Powerspike Skye! - The Build Top

Skye Tips and Tricks
- Skye excels in the early game! Kill the back jungle camps with your laser to start your rotation and get level 2 before any encounters in the mid jungle. CP Skye is great at taking out the middle treant, do your best to contest it! A great jungle rotation will allow you to pick up your Dragons eye within 4 minutes!

- Practice, Practice, Practice! Skye is a tough hero to master! Deadly Skyes are very quick with their abilities and best direction to kite. Blitz is an excellent practice arena!

- Utilize Siri Strike in any way possible. If you are chasing an enemy, look out for opportunities to target lock on a minion and siri strike closer to the enemy.

Core Damage Items

Dragon's Eye is your best friend with this build. Rush this item and then take every opportunity you can to poke the enemy and build up stacks. Once you are sitting at 8-10 stacks, a target lock-forward barrage combo will do insane damage.

Clockwork is what gives Skye such a power spike in the mid-game. Around the time you complete your clockwork, you will be close to having the overdrive of your B-ability, Siri Strike. Siri strike resets the cool down of Suppressing Fire. Starting a fight with suppressing fire, siri striking into an advantageous location and sending out another spray of suppressing fire is very difficult for immobile heroes to deal with. Clockwork allows you to Siri Strike consistently.

Flex Damage Items

Frostburn is great against melee heroes, your mobility and consistent slow will allow you to kite with ease.

Eve of Harvest gives you the ability to heal! Very strong if you are against poke heroes.

Broken Myth is essential if multiple enemy heroes are building Aegis! Keep an eye on enemy builds and decides appropriately!

Defence Items

Aegis should be your first choice if the enemy has lots of crowd control. Also, if the main enemy damage dealer is crystal power, Aegis will help you stay alive.

Metal Jacket is your choice if the main enemy damage dealer is weapon power. Building this early will kill the enemy's ramp up of damage.

Slumbering Husk is a great choice against bursty heroes, like Baron!

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