Reach for the Skye by Ubiquitous

Reach for the Skye

By: Ubiquitous
Last Updated: Feb 10, 2017
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Skye just has to be really quick, direct and accurate. Definitely a noticeable sight, she enters and exits fight in a snap. An ultimate Kiter. If you're that brave, you could even get 2-3 early kills in the lane before the shop shows up in 4 minutes.

Get the boots really early because Skye was meant to be a mobility mongrel. She gets around the battlefield quickly and she just "loves it when they try to run away!" This build stays around the Crystal Tree, very much relying on her abilities to Carry the team.

Skye absolutely gets ALL enemies, but a lot of them are threats to her as well. The most I could think of being Ringo , SAW and Lyra.

Keep in mind that you have to hit your target with a basic attack before doing anything else.

First of all, her Forward Barrage is your key to Success. Use it all the time, but not too much because it will deplete your energy.

Then, her Suri Strike should be used AFTER you have executed your first Forward Barrage. This should be done so that you can utilize your full potential within the littlest amount of time. Skye specializes in killing enemies in a short amount of time, so she doesnt last well in long, passive fights with constantly retreating enemies.

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