[2.1] Vox the Silent Killer by LenZX

[2.1] Vox the Silent Killer

By: LenZX
Last Updated: Feb 6, 2017
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Build: Are you Slippery enough?

Ability Path

Julia's Song
Heroic Perk
Sonic Zoom
Wait for It

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Threat Hero Notes
  No Threat
Ardan He could defeat his dad easily....you just need to be careful when he uses his gauntlet to lock you up. (This defiant kid must stay at home!!)
Petal Apply Pulse and kill her munions. Beware don't get outranged by her, and she's not a problem !
Rona Although her red mist is up, Vox can still kite her. Just don't get sticked by her! She can be defeated more easily than you think.
Baron Haha. Vox's mobility just won't get him hit by Baron's porcupine mortar. Be careful with his ion cannon and run quick when he use his jump jet.
Krul Kite is the key. Avoid her sword throw and check his position frequently with Pulse. Escape early if you health is low.
Skaarf He has extreme range, but Vox can evade his abilities quite easily. Sonic Zoom can be used to escape from his fireball and goop. Not a formidable enemy for Vox.
Reim Don't get root by him! Avoid his winter spire and it should be all right. Again, kite him. Use your high mobility to play against him
SAW SAW is very dangerous for Vox during the early game. However, a good Vox will make good use of his mobility to survive from SAW. Use sonic zoom when he is using his suppressing fire. Run when he get his full spin up !
Koshka Not so deadly as Taka, but she is a hit-and-run assassin too. Kite her when possible and buy reflex block to avoid her stun.
Ringo Ringo's range is longer than Vox's, that's why he is quite dangerous. Don't try to 1v1 him. Hit him when he is unaware.
  No Threat
Taka He is very stealthy and have 2 gap closer abilities, so he can assassinate you easily. Buy some flare and apply Pulse to check his position. Kite is the key!
Blackfeather High mobility, and 2 gap closer, he is extremely dangerous for you. Don't let him focus on you! Kite as much as possible.
  No Threat


1. A Little About Me Top

Hello guys! My IGN is LenZX and this is my first guide ever! I seldom play ranked matches and I am still in Just Beginning Gold haha. However, I like to discover new play style and try out different combination of build. Since my favourite hero is Vox, I wrote this guide. And, I have not fully discovered all the codes, templates and function on this guide post, so this guide might seems lousy. :)

2. About Vox Top

2.1 Introduction to Vox Top

Vox is a mobile sniper with a high-energy playstyle, able to quickly and frequently dash around the battlefield. Vox deals significant damage either to a single target or to groups of enemies depending on his build. This allows Vox to react to the needs of his team.

Simplified: Vox's nature is slippery as Sonic the Hedgehog. Buy utilizing his abilities, he can chase or escape from an enemy really quickly. Vox's build can be pure weapon or pure crystal. Weapon path enable Vox to devastate a single target, while crystal path will turn Vox into a huge area of effect (AOE) damage dealer.

2.2 Heroic Perk and Abilities Top

Heroic Perk: Julia's Song

Vox's basic attacks also deal 34-68 (level 1-12) +35% of crystal power as bonus damage. When attacking enemies with Resonance, this damage will bounce to two nearby enemies and refresh Resonance on that target.

Simplified: When basic attacking, Vox does some crystal damage as bonus damage. His basic attack will bounce to 2 nearby enemies marked with Resonance(can be applied through Pulse(B) and Wait for it (Ult)). Meaning that, when attacking 1 enemy,each of 2 nearby enemies marked with resonance will receive half of the damage dealt to the first enemy. And also, resonance will wears off after Vox has stop attacking for some time. Basic attacking refreshes the duration of resonance on the enemy(reapply it). (Pretty amazing, right? :))
Slot A (Sonic Zoom)
Vox dashes in the targeted direction, throwing two attacks to the nearest enemy marked by Resonance (prioritizing heroes).

Simplified: This ability is a combination of instant dash and throwing 2 basic attacks. But be careful, basic attack is only thrown to enemies marked with resonance. Apply Pulse (B) before u use Sonic Zoom (A) for maximum damage output. More uses of this ability is explained below.
Slot B (Pulse)
Vox emits a sonic pulse that echoes off nearby enemies and applies Resonance. The pulse applies a slow that is significantly stronger near its center. Each upgrade to Pulse increases the damage Vox's basic & bouncing attacks deal to targets with Resonance.

Simplified: This ability is the core of Vox's ability and is required to fully unleash Vox's power. When applied, all enemies affected (within the radius of circle) will be marked with resonance. And also, enemies affected by pulse will be slowed (stronger at the centre (30%), but weaker at the edge (20%)).Vox's bounce attack to nearby enemies increase as the level of Pulse (B) increase. Use it wisely !
Ultimate-- Wait For It
Vox fires an ultrasonic wave that applies Resonance to enemies in its path and refreshes all Resonance. Shortly after, a wide shockwave explodes along the same path, dealing crystal damage and silencing enemies. Striking enemy heroes with the shockwave will also cause Resonance to bounce.

Simplified: The ultimate is divided into 2 parts. The first part fires a smaller wave towards the selected direction, dealing small crystal damage (compared to the shockwave afterwards) and reapplied resonance to the enemies along the path (similar to pulse, but it is in a straight line). The second part fires a huge shockwave along the same path which deal greater damage to enemies, and silencing them. the shockwave will also bounce to nearby enemies. BUT the silencing part is only applied to enemies damage by the primary shockwave.

2.3 The Role of Vox Top

Vox should be positioned in the lane, as suggested by the devs. He acts as the team's carry. However, unlike other carry, such as SAW and Samuel ,CP Vox is incredibly weak in the early game. Late game is the only time for Vox to rise and shine. Vox's heroic perk enables him to clear lane minions extremely fast, generating push at a very quick pace. A late game CP Vox can even get triple kills in the lane! As the main damage dealer, Vox is pretty fragile as he normally focus on aggressive item build, either WP or CP. However, Vox's Pulse provide a chance for him to escape earlier if he discovered any hidden enemies waiting to ambush. When you are going to venture further, remember to notify your protector to backup for you.

3. Unleash your power Top

3.1 How to completely utilize your abilities Top

Heroic perk (Julia's Song)
1. Vox's basic attack deals some crystal damage apart from weapon damage, so playing CP will also make your basic attack stronger. (shown as blue number beside the red number)
2. Vox bouncing attack enable Vox to attack 3 enemies at once, so it actually increase the range of Vox's attack. What i mean is, Vox can attack the enemies who are standing out of his range while attacking the targeted enemy. (Really awesome!)

Sonic Zoom (A)
1. Use Sonic Zoom to chase or to escape from enemies. If you are chasing, don't forget to ensure that the targeted enemies are applied with resonance, otherwise you only dashes, but no basic attack is thrown!
2. You can even dash through walls by using Sonic Zoom!
3. Use Sonic Zoom to reposition yourself during the battle to get proper aim.
4. Use Sonic Zoom to evade enemies' abilities. For instance, when you are able to to predict that Lance is going to use his Impale, or you see Joule's red circle ( Rocket Leap)is showing up, quickly dashes away by using Sonic Zoom.
5. Sonic zoom is an offensive and defensive tool, so use it wisely !

Pulse (B)
1. Use Pulse only when it is going to affect the most enemies.(Have some knowledge about the radius of pulse)
2. Use Pulse to slow down enemies, when you want to chase or escape. (Don't forget that the slow is stronger at the center)
3. Use Pulse as Flare, a tool to detect the presence of enemies in bush. When you are wandering around, remember to use Pulse to check nearby bushes so that you are not X-Retsu by a deadly Taka !
(Hidden enemies are shown as a small vibration, similar to the pattern of circular water wave.)

Wait For It (Ult)
1. Wait For it is a directional ultimate, so use it when it is going to hit most enemies in a straight line.
2. It is best to use when the enemies are clustered together!
3. The silence moment is quite short (1.5 sec), so make good use of it ! Use it when you think that an enemy is going to use his most powerful ability. It is particularly effective to heroes who heavily rely on their abilities like CP Koshka and Reim
4. Using this ability requires proper aiming and timing. Use it when you think that the enemies are not going to move too far away.

3.2 Tips and Tricks for Vox Top

Firstly, the main difference of Vox from other carry :
* Able to damage 3 enemies at once
* High mobility
* Weak early game

Tips and Tricks:
1. Start Vox in the lane if your team has 2 jungler or 1 jungler & 1 captain.
2. Start Vox in the jungle if your team has already 1 carry.
3. Apply Pulse to a huge bunch of minions and basic attack frequently. Enjoy the rapid clear of minions!
4. You can play safe until you get your core items to secure kills.
5. Stay close to your turret when the enemies are playing too aggressively.
6. Don't stay too close to the bushes connected to the jungle.... maybe someone is waiting for you there. Stay at the upper part of the lane !
7. Use enemy minions as a tool to attack your enemy's laner. Apply Pulse and attack minions. Basic attack will bounce to nearby heroes. But the enemy hero can't attack you! XD
8. When dealing with 3 enemy heroes, apply Pulse and basic attack frequently to achieve massive damage output ! (Especially CP Vox)
9. Unfortunately, Vox is quite squishy. Do Not solo Gold Miner or Kraken. Have another carry or captain beside you to tank most of the damage.
10. It's most effective to ask your captain to attack in the frontline and Vox to attack at the back. Don't let your enemies focus on you! Use your Ult and attack rapidly. You will see the health of your enemies drop so fast simultaneously. That's why I call him the silent killer. :)

4. Items Build and Counterbuild Top

The item selection priority is based on the number
Core Items:
1. Alternating current
This item shares part of crystal damage to Vox's weapon damage. Although Vox's heroic perk already shares some crystal damage as bonus damage in basic attack, AC is still a great enhancer of weapon damage. Furthermore, AC increases attack speed, which is a great boost to Vox to inflict damage frequently.
2. Broken Myth
This item shred part of enemies' armor. You can still deal heavy damage to enemies with Aegis. However, the most impressive part of this item is it will amplify crystal damage by 4% every second you attack enemy heroes !Combine it with frequent basic and bouncing attacks, the crystal damage dealt to enemy heroes will become constanly greater and greater. Time for killing spree !
3. Eve of Harvest
What we need from this item is actually the battery to increase our max energy and energy recharge. As a CP Vox, you need to use Pulse frequently to maximize damage output. You can use Pulse more frequently and freely with Eve of Harvest. Besides, this item grants you a bonus lifesteal while attacking enemy heroes. This increase Vox's sustainability as a laner.
or4. Halcyon Chargers or Journey Boots
As needed, any of these boots increases the moving speed of Vox. If you want to chase or flee more frequently, and using your abilities more freely, choose Halcyon Chargers. But if you prefer higher moving speed and sprint faster towards enemies, choose Journey Boots.
or5. Metal Jacket or Aegis
Vox is naturally squishy, so defensive item is a MUST for him. Depending on enemy's build and your comfort, buy Metal Jacket or Aegis. But do not buy both items because Vox is a carry, he should focus on items that enhance his attack and abilities !
or6. Shatterglass or Frostburn
Buy Shatterglass to give a boost of raw crystal power. If you think that Vox's Pulse does not give enough slow for you, then consider buying a Frostburn. Slow down your enemies as you deal crystal damage to them in order to chase or flee more easily.

Item Counterbuild
Item counterbuild is a more advanced playstyle which requires player to act strategically towards enemy's build in order to receive minimum damage and maximize damage output.

Minimize damage input
Vox's natural enemy are assassins who have a gap-close ability and burst damage. If you always get ganked by Krul and he is buiding Tornado Trigger and Breaking Point, then you should buy Atlas Pauldron to lower his attack speed and prevent the stacks go up to max too fast. Escape quickly with Sonic Zoom and kite him. But if you always get executed by an annoying Taka with high CP burst damage, buy Aegis to survive the initial burst of damage and escape quickly. Metal Jacket can be used to counter enemies with 1 or more Sorrowblade but has low attack speed. However, Metal Jacket and Aegis are not effective enemies equipped with Bonesaw and Broken Myth, so consider building Fountain of Renewal or Crucible to increase maximum health. To counter a Koshka with Aftershock, Aegis is the best choice.

Maximize damage output
Since I recommend Vox to equip Broken Myth in the final build, enemies with Aegis should not be a problem. However, to kill enemies with build a lot of health like Phinn, Aftershock is more preferred over Shatterglass. Build Shatterglass if enemies focus on offensive items but neglect defensive items. To counter enemies who escape quickly or has high mobility such as Koshka or Blackfeather , consider building Frostburn to slow them down so that you and your allies can kill them more easily.

5. Vox's Matchup and Synergy Top

The matchup part has been shown at the top of the guide.

Vox will only get powerful when there is a tanky supporter absorbing most of the damage for him. So, a captain is very crucial for Vox to beat the entire enemy team.

Despite being Vox's dad, he has great synergy with Vox. His Vanguard increase Vox's sustainability during early game, and his Gauntlet enable Vox to fire his ultimate and Pulse easily. The most important is, his tankiness give space for Vox to attack at the back, inflicting massive damage.

A pretty decent captain. His Truth of the Tooth grants bonus move speed and lifesteal for Vox, and his Attack of the Pack grants him fortified health which increases his tankiness. He is a great damage reducer for Vox.

Phinn is so so so fat. Just his size is a formidable figure. His abilities generally stun and slow enemy movement, but his tankiness is a great help for Vox.

Catherine's Stormguard make her an incredibly damage absorber and her Merciless Pursuit provide her teammates a precious stun. She can stand at the very front line while Vox is attacking at the back.

To certain extend, Flicker can surprise enemies while attempting to root them in place. A good captain Flicker can slow enemies and tank some damage for Vox, but his abilities generally have no synergy with Vox's. So, I would give him 5.

Less Lyra nowadays prefer to play her as a captain. Even she build up tankiness, she could not cooperate well with Vox. Her abilities provide little to no help to Vox, and her attack range is even further than Vox.

Reim's fortified health grants him extra tankiness. When Reim is attacking in the front and even rooting enemies, Vox can attack at the back. Reim's Valkyrie can even deter the pursuit of enemies after Vox.

Enemies would rather run than fight Krul alone. Krul's Spectral Smite helps him to recover health and absorb large amount of damage. This provide enough time for Vox to deal massive AOE damage.

Not bad, when her Red Mist is up, her fortified health provide her some tankiness. A quite good combination with Vox as Vox's Pulse apply slow for her Red Mist to function optimally.

His Afterburn is good at isolating enemies. Whether to konck away or bring forward enemy, he can provide Vox a chance to escape or killing enemy. Besides this, well, he is a bit tanky, thanks to his lifesteal.

Taka is stealthy and also extremely slippery. However, I couldn't see any potential him to co-op with Vox as he is most likely to vanish before the enemy can kill him. And...well, he left Vox facing the enemies alone.

Similar reason as Taka. :)

6. Gameplay Top

Early game
As normal, start Vox in the lane. In update 2.1, we have 625 gold to spend at the beginning. Buy Book of Eulogies to increase Vox's sustainability in lane. Buy Swift Shooter so that it could be upgraded to alternating current afterwards. If you found out that the enemy laner is strong during early game, buy Light Armor instead of Swift Shooter. Use Pulse to clear lane minions effectively. Also, be careful of the bushes near the forest. Use Pulse to check whether there are hidden enemies. Play passively during the early game and last hit as much as possible to earn gold. Use Sonic Zoom to evade abilities such as SAW's Suppressing Fire. Don't spam your Pulse as you will run out of energy easily. Your main objectives during the early game are : stay alive and earn gold.

Mid game
You should have already get your ultimate and reach levet 7 to 8. Remember to visit the jungle shop or recall to buy essential items. Get your Travel Boots and buy Void Battery. Upgrade Swift Shooter to Alternating Current or if not enough gold, Blazing Salvo first. Continue to play passively in the lane. But now, you can attack faster and clear lane minions rapidly. Remember to help your teammates in the jungle if they are in danger. Attacking turrets yourself is still very risky, so you may notice your jungler or captain to lend you a hand. And for sure, continue to earn gold. You can go into the jungle to get some exp if too much enemies are on the lane.

Late game
It's your time to shine! Buy Broken Myth or if not, Heavy Prism. If you have extra gold, buy eve of harvest and upgrade your boots and armor. Once you have got those essential items, you are pretty op now. To initiate a teamfight, ask you captain to attack first (eg Ardan use Blood for Blood). You should stand at the back and attack. Use Wait for It when the enemies are clustered together. When enemies try to focus on you, apply Pulse and move backwards to maintain a safe distance. Let the captain or jungler to absorb damage for you! When your team do the things right, triple kill is not a problem. As a CP Vox, I could even triple kill when my teammates are all AFK (fp). So, enjoy your killing spree! Charge for the vain crystal! :)

7. Some tips for WP Vox Top

So sorry for WP Vox players, because I often play CP Vox so i am not so good in WP Vox. However, i will give you some advice and guide on WP Vox.

Ability path :
1. Overdrive Sonic Zoom and Pulse
2. Priortize upgrade Sonic Zoom because this skill is crucial for WP Vox. (It throws 2 basic attacks!)

1. First purchase: Book of Eulogies + Swift Shooter + Halcyon Potion
2. Early game: Book of Eulogies + Heavy Steel + Blazing Salvo + Sprint Boots + any defensive items.
3. Mid game: Barbed Needle + Sorrowblade + Blazing Salvo + Travel Boots + upgraded defensive items.
4. Late game: Serpent Mask + Sorrowblade + Tornado Trigger + Bonesaw + Halcyon Chargers + 3rd tier defensive items and purchase weapon infusions if have extra gold.

8. End Top

Here comes the end of my guide about Vox. There maybe updates for any incomplete information. Thank you all of you for reading my guide. Your thumbs up would give me support and motivation for me to craft my next guide. If there is any incomplete info you think that is important to add up, please leave me a comment. Also, it you have any question regarding Vox, do leave a comment. Please notice me also if you found any serious typo. Again, Thank You !!

Well....When all my teammates are afk and I was fighting alone, I can't escape the fate of losing at the end. :( But, it was fun triple killing. Haha

A video of CP Vox gameplay :)

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