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Speedy Koshka

By: Overbeing
Last Updated: Sep 10, 2015
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Buy an Energy Battery and hit the jungles. By using your abilities you will quickly clear and level. If solo jungling, by the time you finish your teams jungle you will be very close to being able to buy Blazing Salvo, if not then buy Swift Shooter and keep going. If jungling with another hero you will only have enough for Swift Shooter. Keep jungling at this point unless your team is being destroyed in the lane. If this is the case, help, but don't spend too much time up there. Try to stay in the jungle as much as possible. By the time the mines appear you should have or be working on Dragonheart or Reflex Block, whichever you prefer, and be either lvl 4 or 5.

4-10 minutes Top

If you keep jungling and saving up you should have enough to buy Tornado Trigger by the time you are either lvl 8 or 9. This is usually around the ten minute mark. Once you have Tornado Trigger switch over to lane and push through the turrets. Remember, you don't have crucible yet so you're still pretty weak. Don't stay in battle for too long.

Lane Top

Now that you are in the lane you will be gathering lots of gold. Whenever possible make a stop at the jungle shop or at your base to get upgrades. By getting Crucible you will be able to stay in the fight longer. Clockwork is mostly for Yummy Catnip Frenzy because of its long cool down. By getting Breaking Point your attack speed will be 214%. Journey Boots aren't all that important, they're just there if you have the money. And Shiversteel is just a filler item, I prefer it because it doesn't cost much and adds 500 hp.


I would just like to say that I'm not the best at making guides and I would love to hear people's feedback and suggestions.

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