Fun troll builds for my favorite heroes! by Lattethunda

Fun troll builds for my favorite heroes!

By: Lattethunda
Last Updated: Feb 7, 2017
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For these guides I won't mess around with threats or how to build or play these characters. I just want to share a few fun layouts I found for them (plus a tip or trick). Send me fun guides you make or find and I'll try to get a guide for every hero here.

Pro tip: DO NOT use these guides. Ever. They are just for fun. (Except maybe the Krul guide, that one sorta works sometimes.)


Big Red Button, Echo. Kill everything.

Ummm... Top

BTW this can 5-shot a turret in under 2 seconds. Great for Blitz.
Stay back and don't get trapped by ranged characters.

Queen's Bomba Top

Use Prime Directive and Echo to get close to your targets, then blow them to bits. The timing takes work, but this can one-shot certain heroes.

Prime Directive also does about as much damage as her Ult, so use it wisely. (2100ish to a turret)

Skaarf, Destroyer of Turrets Top

Goop. Spitfire. Echo. The enemy is down a turret.

Yes this combo will completely take down a full turret.

M4 Sherman Top

Not just a tank, the best tank.

Objective: Let your teammates kill everything while you absorb damage.

AK-47 Top

Use Roadie Run and your boots (you can sub out Journey Boots for Halcyon Chargers) to run to your target. Use Suppressing Fire to gain full Spin-Up stacks and shred everything in sight.

Speedy Gonzalez Top

Run around like a maniac! This is just for fun, it would never actually work.

Beware the Babies Top

Stay back and let your babies do work.

They really hurt. A lot.


My IGN is Lattethunda.
See you next time!


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