A guide for counter heroes [updated patch 2.7.1] by BlueLycan

A guide for counter heroes [updated patch 2.7.1]

By: BlueLycan
Last Updated: Aug 15, 2017
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1. Introduction Top

Hello, my name is BlueLycan. My most rank I have achieved is Bronze Vainglorious in SEA server and now, currently in EU Server, I am having silver PoA. I know that doesn't make me sound like a reliable person to guide you about something but I think this guide is enough to help some low rank players find it easier to deal with Ranked.

2. About WP Joule Top

The time when I started writing this was from patch 2.2. Right now maybe Joule is not strong anymore but she is still a considerable option for people who want to counter the squishy mage or lwo mobility sniper.

3. Joule's abilities Top

Heavy Plating
This is the reason why Joule can be a Warrior. With this skill, enemies are very hard to OHKO you when you start a gank. Moreover, since you are a jungler, you will have more experiences than the enemies' carry. That's why when picking Joule, you don't have to worry about the pay back damage their carry throw to you.

Rocket Leap
A very mobile and utilized skill. With this, she can gank from afar and lay a hard CC on enemy carry with surprise. If you want to play her, I recommend practicing this skill a lot to ensure that in early game you can 100% stun the enemy carry. You also have to choose the spot carefully in order not to be recognized by enemies.

Thunder Strike
A skill makes her become a powerful assassin. With WP Joule, a simple combo Rocket Leap -> Basic Attack -> Thunder Strike -> Basic Attack can drag the enemies' HP a lot. And when she overdrives this skill, she can OHKO an enemy carry if he just has some weak armor.

Big Red Button
A high damage skill. However it is not very powerful when used by WP Joule. But you will need this skill a lot in mid/late game to ensure a kill for your team. Moreover, you can use this skill to corner the enemy carry to your favor position to help your teammates have a kill!

4. Counter Joule: For Carry Top

Now, you understand her kits and how powerful she is, what happen when you are a carry and want to kill her when she try to gank you?

Counter Joule:
Blackfeather: Although right now, BF is out of meta . However, he can survive from Joule's combo even he got stunned by her. In mid/late game, when he has some armors, if you have some good teammates who can buy you some time to take down Joule, you can easily beat her. At level 6, when you have Rose Offensive, you can easily dodge her stun and return the damage to her.

Gwen (WP): recommend A perfect counter for Joule. Because there is a delay of her stun, you can predict and use Skedaddle to dodge not only her stun but also her Thunder Strike.

Idris (both WP and CP): not recommend for low tier player! Idris requires your reflex! Always be in cautious and when a red circle appears, Dodge, and return the damage! If you play Idris well, you can easily take down Joule without your teammates!

Kestrel (both WP and CP): not recommend for low tier player! For Kestrel, you can even payback more damage to Joule than Idris. If you have quick reflex, you can use your Active Camo to stun her. Ofcourse you will be revealed by Joule's Thunder Strike, so you have to precisely stun her.With a high bet like that, I won't recommend you to try unless you are PoA or above.

Lance (WP): now this is the real fun. Although Lance Carry is not as hot as he used to be, he still has a very high win rate and can end the game very early. Actually, Lance can block Joule's stun by Gythian Wall and even deals damage back to her very well. Also, his ulti Combat Roll can easily find Joule's back and strike her from there! Although he is currently out-meta but it is still a very reliable pick!

Vox (WP or CP): No need to say about this guy right? He is the most mobile carry in this game (someone may say Skye is more mobile, but everyone has there opinions :D). He can dodge most of Joule's skill, find Joule's weak spot or even can silent Joule so that she can't use her Thunder Strike. Although he just got nerfed, he is still a very reliable pick in lane.

Skye: (WP): since WP Skye is pretty mobile in the new patch, she is quite a threat to Joule. That is the reason why Joule will play very aggressively in early game to have more gold than you. If you decide to play Skye, be sure to take a Roamer who can save carry from quick dead (i.e Ardan, Glaive. If you can get to late mid/late game, you can easily win Joule!

Baptiste: (CP): in basic, Baptiste is a poking champ. That's why it would not work much on Joule because of her passive. However, his Ordained would be a troublesome thing for Joule. With a quick Ordained and Fearsome Shade, this hero can completely turns the tides of the battlefield (of course when got hit by Ordained, Joule's jump can not stun). I would not prefer to use Baptiste, but if he sync well with your team's comp, you can reconsider.

5. Counter pick: Jungler Top

Now, different from Carry, you don't need to try 100% to take down Joule or get away from her gank. However, if you still want to kill Joule, here are some choices for you.

Alpha (CP and WP): she is currently out-meta now. However, if you land her Prime Directive right, you can get to Joule's back and use Core Charge with Aftershock to deal burst damage to Joule. And ofcourse, with the combo Termination Protocol -> Prime Directive -> explode behinds her, you can instant kill Joule without a doubt. You are so mobile that you are hardly get stunned by her!

Blackfeather (CP and WP): as above, like carry.

Glaive (WP): recommend a very interesting pick. However, make sure you have your carry is hero who can deal burst damage like Ringo (very popular currently) or Kestrel. When you use your Afterburn on Joule and knock back to your carry, the burst damage will make her have to retreat and show her back to you...

Ozo (WP and CP): Since Ozo is a counter-assassin Warrior, he can take down Joule easily and escape her burst damage with his fortified health and his insane healing. However, his winrate is very weak so you have to decide carefully before chosing him.

Reim (CP): same as Ozo. With his Fortified Health and Eve of Harvest, her burst damage won't effect you much and you can even kill her easily with two precise Winter Spire and Valkyrie on her back. Yes, since his damage is AoE, he doesn't need to go near her back to get pass her passive.

Taka (WP or can maybe CP): The reason why I add the "maybe" thing is that in my opinion, CP Taka is just 50/50 with Joule (some people don't agree with this =.=). However, with Taka's speed burst and damage buff when building WP, he can keep attack in Joule's back and deal a ton of damage. You can also pick Taka and try to make enemies think that you are going to build CP but instead building WP!!

Skye (CP): recommended of course Skye CP is a powerful hero to counter Joule. With Forward Barrage have more ranger than her Thunder Strike, Skye can keep a distance far away from Joule and nuke her real hard! She also has damage in her Death From Above to stun Joule if she decides to use the jump to catch Skye.

Reza: recommended never underestimate this hero. His high damage and capability of repositioning 3 times make him hit Joule from behind really easy. Reza is also a safe pick in Ranked also. No matter they use WP Joule or CP Joule, you could easily dash around the battlefield and slay her.

6. Counter pick: Roamer Top

Now, this is real hard. Low rank players are not very happy to protect their carry, but if you are not one of them, and you want to help your team to victory without thinking for yourself, here are some heroes for you to counter Joule:

Adagio: Adagio and Lyra are 2 popular Roamer nowadays, and they can help your teammate escape from burst damage too. With his burst heal, Adagio can save your teammate and with Verse of Judgement, he can even stun back Joule or make a distance between your carry and Joule. I recommend this hero for both low and high rank players.

Ardan: recommend same as Adagio, with his Shield, he can save your carry from damage burst and with Gauntlet, you can easily operate a counter-gank with your teammates to kill Joule.

Glaive: not recommend for low rank player: Yeah, Glaive roamer is having some reputation in the Roaming job. Although you carry may suffer lots of damage from Joule's kit, if you are quick enough, you can knock back Joule before she kills your carry. The reason why I reccomend for only high rank players is you need to time carefully and knockback precisely back to your jungler to kill Joule! Although this pick is not as strong as Ardan, Glaive is very mobile and can make your team win if your team has good synchronization.

Lyra: she is quite popular, isn't it? She also very strong against Joule too! With Principle Arcanum, you can slow down Joule to help your carry gets away from Joule. Her Bright Bulwark can be pretty useful in late game combat to ensure that enemies Joule not allow to jump in the middle of your team! If you familiar with Lyra, I think you and your carry can beat Joule pretty easy!

Phinn: just the same as Glaive. When Joule jumps on your carry, you protect him using Polite Company and stun her by using Quibble. However, since your kits are just those, it is just gonna be a 50/50 and you can't ensure a kill. That's why if you want to counter Joule, don't pick Phinn unless you have some strategies behind!

Gtace: I would say that this hero is a safe pick against Joule. However, it depends on your reacting speed. When Joule uses her jump, quickly dash to your carry and then use Holy Nova. If needed, you will have to spend Divine Intervention to secure your carry, but hey, with the buff on Echo it wouldn't cost too much!

7. Last Words Top

Thanks for reading my long and boring guide for coutering Joule. I hope this will help you a lot when choosing hero to play in draft mode in Ranked. I will update this guide tomorrow and add some more heroes.

If anyone has any ideas or disagree about something in my guides, feel free to say in the comment section.

In the future, I will make a counter guide for each of popular hero used in the Spring Invitational (sorry, no SAW here :D). If you desperately want a counter for a specific hero, feel free to say in the comment too!

Thank you!

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