The Ultimate Reim-ing Book (UPDATE 2.1) by DestinyKarma

The Ultimate Reim-ing Book (UPDATE 2.1)

By: DestinyKarma
Last Updated: Mar 28, 2017
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Build: Jungle Hunter

Ability Path

Heroic Perk
Winter Spire
Chill Winds

Table of Contents Top

Introduction Top

About Me
  • Hello Vainglory! I'm DestinyKarma from the NA Server
  • My highest rank was Credible Threat gold. Yes its a pleb rank however the life of a soloq'er is tough.
  • Open to joining guilds though I'm in one so add me [=|:}D
  • Always winning and losing...However one thing that stayed with me is a consistent broken Reim gameplay
  • Guess how I started playing Reim, a rarely played hero? My friend decided to troll craft a rare Reim skin for me and thus began my adventurous journey with this grumpy old mage
  • I played over hundreds of Reim games and every single one I've enjoyed
  • I'm also gonna straight up admit, there is already another quality Reim guide by GOLD3N and it's great, but I'm gonna try making mine different with more content, situations, and templates from Vaingloryfire. Unlike people who want brief points, I'm gonna be thorough and long with this guide and write this guide just like how Reim guided me through games... a winning style. Have fun [=|:D>
  • Forgot to mention... check out this site dedicated to player lookups here!
  • Profile Link (Note: Check out my Reim matches)

And there we go! Solid proof of experience/skill as Reim and a qualification to write a game-winning guide! Have a cool time in Reim's ice castle!

Introduction to Reim

Reim is a not widely played hero for many people. However, its potential can seriously be unleashed with the right skill, and most importantly the right captain. He is known to have the most defense and attack when combined compared to any other hero. To offset this power, the developers made him the third slowest hero in the game with a movement speed of 3.1. Lost interest? Don't, because this grumpy old mage can SLOW, STUN, AND ROOT enemies to allow your squishy carry to melt the rooted, slowed, or stunned carry (so much for menacing the enemy carry). Even better, this jungler can also withstand painful blows from enemy carries and still survive due to Frostguard, which allows him to get a maximum of 25% fortified health. Remember, that Reim is also HEAVILY DEPENDENT ON AIMING HIS SKILLS CORRECTLY. It requires predicting to some extent whether it is an enemy that is running away or most annoying a Taka using Kaiten(essentially a reflex block to Reim's roots). Without prediction, it may be really hard to root, stun, or slow other players.

Role as a Jungler

Just to remind you guys about the new definition for jungling...

The Jungler(Goal: Menace the Enemy Carry)
The jungler prowls the area beneath the lane, looking to threaten or ambush out of place enemies. The jungler is halfway between the captain and the carry — durable enough to offer some protection and hard hitting enough to stand and fight — but with neither as a specialty. The jungler is most effective when breaking through the enemy front line and creating chaos (or death) for the enemy carry.

I believe that Reim is the most suited to fit this definition as a jungler than any other hero.

"durable enough to offer some protection and hard hitting enough to stand and fight"

Easy, Reim's heroic perk Frostguard gives him enough tankiness by itself, when combined with Eve of Harvest, it is the most protection a jungler can get after all. Compare this to Koshka, who is a really, really, selfish player because she secures kills by herself and doesn't even have meager protection other than her boosted speed to run away, which seriously doesn't help squishy carry too.

"The jungler is most effective when breaking through the enemy front line and creating chaos (or death) for the enemy carry"

Creating chaos? Pfff... in some instances Reim can even 3 v 1. But the most overpowered thing about him is that he can deal a TON of damage and tank a TON of damage allowing for his team's carry to annihilate all the enemies without risking death while keeping his enemies close to him through his abilities' slows, stuns, and roots. He is the perfect balance between a heavy damage dealing carry and a super tanky captain.

Skills Top

Slot: Heroic Perk

Reim's basic attacks deal 50-160 (level 1-12) (+180% crystal power) damage over 4s and slow targets for 0.6s.

Reim temporarily gains fortified health equal to 15% (2.5% against non-heroes) of damage dealt.
  • Fortified health gain capped at 40% of Reim's max health.

  • Basic attacking gives you more health
  • More crystal damage (more Eve of Harvest value)
  • Basic attacking slows enemies (and tells us that Frostburn is basically useless on Reim)
  • Basic attacking gives enemy the Chilled effect

Misconception: Fortified Health does not literally mean extra health. It means that if Reim has fortified health enemies will be doing 80% damage to his health. The fortified health only soaks up 20% of every attack.

Winter Spire
Slot: A

Reim summons a spire of ice at a nearby location, dealing crystal damage to surrounding enemies. After a shower delay, the spire shatters, dealing heavy crystal damge.
  • Deals reduced damage to minions.

  • Basically Reim's spammable move
  • The main way to get fortified health
  • If you can't aim, predict, and hit with this, don't use Reim
  • The only way Reim can stutter step and deal damage
  • Overdrive this skill to get a LOT more range for this ability, making it easier to hit enemies

Chill Winds
Slot: B

Reim deals a burst of damage to and roots all surrounding enemies.
  • Deals reduced damage to minions.

  • If you use this to kill jungle monsters I will murder you
  • If you use this to deal damage I will kill you
  • Only use this to root enemies (aka keeping them in place)
  • The only way to catch slippery heroes like Vox and Skye other than using Valkyrie
  • Takes a lot of energy to use so only use it when fighting people and keeping them close
  • Overdriving Chill Winds is okay because of the longer root, however maxing out Valkyrie is much better due to the much lesser cooldown, increased damage, and heavy slow of the ultimate

Slot: C

Reim summons an ancient Valkyrie, devastating enemies in the area and applying a heavy decaying slow.
  • Enemies near center are also stunned and take greater damage.
  • A massive AOE slow dealing a ton of damage
  • Effective in 3 v 3 fights or to catch up to enemies
  • Does more damage and stuns in the center meaning if you can aim better you get more value out of the skill
  • Max this ability to get only 50 seconds of cooldown and much more damage

Pros and Cons Top

  • Has the highest combined attack and defense
  • Can slow, stun, and root enemies
  • No need to waste money on Frostburn
  • Being naturally slow is not a deficiency if paired with a good Captain like Phinn or Lance
  • Very effective for tanking the damage for the Carry while doing enough damage to make enemies focus on the Reim rather than the Carry (very important as a Jungler)
  • Unlike others who think Reim is weak early game, I argue with that because once he unlocks Chill Winds it will be easier for the Captain and the Reim to get kills from rooting and stunning. Plus he can run away easily once he unlocks Chill Winds because of the roots.

  • Can easily be kited by Ringo if there is distance between the Reim and the Reim can't hit his abilities on the Ringo
  • Third-slowest hero in the whole game with a movement speed of 3.1, only beating Phinn and Baron
  • Mortal wounds from Poisoned Shiv or Taka makes Reim a lot less sustainable during battle usually forcing the Reim to run away or die
  • Need to be good at predicting and hitting opponents otherwise its impossible to keep enemies close to you
  • Weak against high-health heroes because they can tank Reim's Winter Spire and his Chill Winds's root and run away
  • Beware of Phinn's Polite Company when fighting heroes, it gives them a heck a lot of extra health and high-offensive heroes can shred you

Tricks & Tips Top

Here is the compilation of tips I've found through playing hundreds of Reim games
  • Be a buddy, not a troll, you can't 1 v 3 people like how you probably did against Just Beginning players. Please uphold Reim' reputation and work together with your team

  • By 4 minutes, you should have about 2000 gold. If you think you are behind in reaching 2000, you better start jungling rather than trying to get kills

  • Reim can solo the Elder Treant, however through many matches after the update I have found that doing the 2 minions behind the crystal miner first is better because they give a lot of gold and if you kill that first it respawns first meaning more gold. Plus after clearing your jungle minions, the other team who has gotten the Elder Treant will still be clearing their jungle, which means that you can invade with your Captain

  • When ganking the enemy's Carry, make sure they are past or at the half line. It secures a free kill because Reim's Chill Winds can root them and the Carry and the Reim finishes the hero off

  • If your captain does not have any Flares or Scout Traps please do not randomly rush headstrong into an enemy's bush, especially if there is a Catherine on the other team (I swear there is always a team who wait for like 3 minutes in a bush just so that they can kills from idiots who go blindly into bushes)

  • Beware of stuns from the other teams, because you will lose all of fortified health and will lose a lot of health depending on where you are in the map

  • My build does not have a Reflex Block until you buy Aegis because rather than blocking abilities I would rather have Reim be more tanky and once a stun or a root is over Reim can get his fortified health back

  • Please don't disregard journey boots. Its passive of move faster if not damaged is very useful for getting to fights and clearing the jungle faster

  • Unless an enemy hero comes to you like a Krul, always start a battle with a Winter Spire so the enemy hero starts off chilled opening up many more opportunities for Reim to benefit

  • If you get Journey Boots, feel free to use boots to get into battle (usually people use boots to run awaay but Reim is a special case because he has the highest attack and defense combined but a pretty slow speed)

  • Reim can solo jungle monsters and is recommended to hit the monsters rather than the Captain because he barely loses health while fighting the monsters due to his fortified health and should be killing the Treants (unless you gotta a nooby or trolly Captain)


  • Though Reim has a slow movement speed, he can easily run away by first attacking the enemy hero making them chilled and then use Chilled Winds to root them while running away, if you have to, use Valkyrie to stun or severely slow the chasing enemies

  • When there are 2 people versing the Reim, usually the tankier one is fighting the Reim while the offensive one stays in the back. Pretend to engage with the tanky class by meleeing them, and then Winter Spire the squishy hero and get to him (use boots if necessary) and then use Chilled Winds to root them and seal the deal on the squishy hero

  • Reim is REALLY GOOD late game because he has the speed from the Journey Boots, the tankiness from Frostguard, Metal Jacket, and Aegis, and the offense from the crystal items

Items Top

Items on Reim

Eve of Harvest

This is probably Reim's most useful item when playing. His fortified health first of all makes attacks deal essentially 80% damage to him while he gets 10% lifesteal from attacking people (making Reim really tanky? ). Undoubtedly the perfect synergy. Beware of mortal strikes/wounds however because they prevent Reim from healing and make Reim suddenly a lot less tanky.

Broken Myth

Compared to Shatterglass, this is usually the better option especially in later ranks when enemies actually build defense. Also, Broken Myth synergizes with Reim well too because he can stay in fights longer and the Broken Myth helps him with more stacks/damage. Oh yeah don't forget about that shield pierce which is especially useful late.

Alternating Current

A really good item Reim should get most if not all of the time. Unarguably best item for ganking/ going into lane from the bushes because it synergizes almost too well with Frostguard. Basic attacking chilled enemies applies a 60% to enemies for 0.6 seconds and 25% of basic attack damage goes into Reim’s fortified health. Yeah, increased attack speed means increased/constant 60% slow to the enemies, more damage every other basic attack, and more tankiness from his fortified health. DON’T GET Alternating CurrentIF YOU THINK BASIC ATTACKING IS A LUXURY IN YOUR GAME (trust me, it happens especially with stuns *cough, cough* Celeste). This item decides whether or not you play more like a Carry (no Alternating Current) or a Captain (bought Alternating Current) because Alternating Current makes the Reim be able to take more punishment while your carry can dish out damage plus the constant slow makes it easier to chase the enemy hero. Yes… a long explanation was needed on this one.


Use this if the enemy carry and jungler are solely focused on offensive abilities. I’ve seen many Vox’s who do this because they are master dodgers. In this case, these carries/junglers shred you because of the overload on offense they have. Then why don’t you get offense and kill them? (if they build Aegis don’t get this unless basic attacking has become impossible, which then you switch Alternating Current with Shatterglass)

Metal Jacket

Pretty self- explanatory. Just gotta build that defense (and Reim is a melee player too).

Atlas Pauldron

If there is an enemy Glaive or SAW that actually packs a punch to your team and your Captain is selfish enough to not get this item please be the team player and get it. You will not really lose that much in being a jungler because the usage of Atlas Pauldron makes the enemies lose A LOT OF OFFENSE especially to a Glaive or a SAW (I also forgot Krul).


Umm…. Any explanations needed? Lets move on. (for those who need an explanation it is a Reflex Block that defends against crystal power users)


Thought about this one for a while because since Reim’s fortified health caps to 20% of his max health it would help with a lot of extra health. However, I would consider this a more Captain-ish build and as a Jungler Hunter I wouldn’t recommend this.


Journey Boots

  • Easier to catch enemies with the extra 0.6 movement speed
  • A Carry-type item because it can catch heroes and therefore more offense
  • Can get out of fights more often when losing
  • Recommended choice because Reim is the third slowest hero in the game after all
  • The cheapest tier 3 boots (1900 gold)? That aside its super useful on a slow af Reim
  • Journey Boots Reims with "her knee's cute"

Halcyon Chargers

  • Not recommended on Reim
  • More offense with the 15% less cooldown time
  • Reim already has low cooldowns and plus his Eve of Harvest already has energy regen
  • Nothing really special in speed or health which is a lot more useful on Reim than cooldown speed, max energy, and energy regen (which oh boy I would love for Kestrel but we're talking about Reim)
  • Halcyon Chargers Reims with champion farmers

War Treads

  • +500 health ?!?!??! Reim would honorably take it
  • Really helpful to increase his 20% fortified health cap
  • A more Captain-type item because of its extra sustainability, a lot extra actually
  • Very useful in teamfights which take a while and the fact that it can boost everyone when used is useful too
  • War Treads Reim with star beds

Items Against Reim

Poisoned Shiv

  • The #1 most annoying against Reim
  • Every 3 basic attacks applies Mortal Wound
  • Mortal Wound is an effect that decreases healing by 50% nerfing Eve of Harvest
  • Makes Reim a lot less tanky and a Reim player must be more cautious in heading into battle
  • Poisoned Shiv Reims with a fecund native


  • Makes it hard to kill enemies (more specifically Captains)
  • Especially annoying on Ardan *ughhh*, his passive makes that extra health much more annoying
  • Crucible Reims with honorable


  • This guy deals 15% of Reim's max health damage (rip fortitude health)
  • Can't really avoid this... Reim has to steal the life back using Eve of Harvest or kill the person with Aftershock
  • Many haven't thought about it or done this... but what if all three enemies bought Aftershock? Too overpowered....
  • Main point is that Reim has to be more cautious just like when the enemy has Poisoned Shiv
  • Aftershock Reims with insta-lock (which you should never do)

Slumbering Husk

  • This new defensive item in the 2.1 update is actually effective on high offensive players
  • When Reim is facing a super high offensive player with this item, be midful that it takes 45 seconds for the passive that gives the enemy fortified health to come back
  • Throw a Winter Spire or enough damage for the passive to activate and wait for the fortified health to go away, the start Reim's onslaught
  • However sometimes Reim can still kill the enemy even with the fortified health if the enemy is stupid enough to not run away from the mage
  • Slumbering Husk Reims with a dying mollusk

Carries Top


Here is the deal with synergy carries aka the carry on your own team... as long as they don't feed and steadily kill minions its fine. However most of the time, the carry is the one feeding and thus you lose. Below are just ratings for a Carry + Reim combo on killing heroes, not the likelihood of winning of course. For people wondering why there are no crystal carries... use you brain... your team will have both crystal Jungler/Carry and the enemies will ROFL while buying two Aegis's or even a Fountain of Renewal + Aegis.

  • Vox is really hard to hit and makes him sustainable with Reim
  • Sonic Zoom is a good dash + 2 basic attacks
  • Resonance really helps Reim with its slow
  • When Reim is tanking enemy heroes Wait for It can be a game changer with its silence
  • One of the meta carries in the latest update
  • Did you know they are making a new skin for him? Link to Tweet




  • Yay, finally a hero that Reim can boast about his movement speed to!
  • Rocket Launcher is a sweet perk for WP Baron players aka more weapon damage + AOE
  • Porcupine Mortar with a WP build is SWEET! A big slow is applied to enemies and Reim can easily catch them
  • Jump Jets with a WP build means huge mobility (essentially Skye's Surl Strike without a target lock!)
  • Ion Cannon scares all enemies and usually catches them by surprise
  • Without easy chasing and huge slows, Reim paired with WP Baron is great
  • Note: You need to hope that the WP Baron plays well
  • Note: The Baron x Skye Valentine pic they put on the home screen looks nice

  • Quick note: SAW is not meta as of the 2.1 Update
  • Spin Up = more DPS but the fact that he gets slower is horrible because Reim is also slow and fast enemies will be your team's nightmare
  • Roadie Run with WP is mostly used to run away #selfish
  • Suppressing Fire gives enemies a slow, but it can be dodged and isn't helpful for Reim at all
  • Mad Cannon is good on high health heroes that Reim can't kill with only a couple of Winter Spire
  • Main point: SAW is slow in teamfights, Reim is slow in teamfights... not good synergy and weak against most fast carries (one could argue that the Reim's roots can help SAW get the kills but lets be real here...)


  • This comment is literally on every Kestrel guide, but RIP armor-piercing Glimmershot
  • Glimmershot does a decent amount of damage, no synergy with Reim
  • Active Camo has a nice stun however its kind of useless on WP except running away which Kestrel can't even do for that long
  • One Shot One Kill is a good finisher (more damage than Hellfire Brew but needs aiming)
  • Doesn't have good offense, defense, and a laughable stun, meaning an absolutely minimum synergy with Reim
  • Main point: Unless the Kestrel player is a legend , games in which you have WP Kestrel, the Kestrel will probably feed and most likely you are going to lose

This includes Crystal and Weapon Carries...

  • Even if damage is kind of nerfed, she is still a nightmare when played by a proper player
  • Skye's extra movement speed after target locking makes it impossible for Reim to touch her
  • Trying to land skills on Skye with Reim? Pfff... good luck with that (gotta be really skilled)
  • Can't run away or hit? What can Reim do?!?!?!?
How to Play Against Hero:
  • If you get spotted by Skye, just run away unless you got a Captain or Carry
  • Continuing off of that, always be next too your Carry or Captain, as one of them are *most likely* ranged so they can fight the Skye

  • Holy... where do I begin. Right, Vox is similar to Skye and can easily dodge Reim's skillshots with Sonic Zoom
  • Crystal Vox is severely annoying because of the bounce shots and its long range. Meaning by the time you reach Vox, his bounce shots would have easily taken out a lot of your health
  • Weapon Vox is also cancer because of the slippery Sonic Zoom
  • Wait for It... *crickets chirping because of the silence* (very sorry for the pun) [=|:D>
How to Play Against Hero:
  • If playing against Crystal Vox, attack Vox when you are very committed to it because if you aren't and waiting in the bushes, the Resonance may hurt you
  • If playing against Weapon Vox, aim your Winter Spire little past Vox to hit him (honestly a rule with all kiting Carries) and then get close enough to root him

  • Surprise... Celeste also has a spammable first ability ( Heliogenesis)just like Reim but way more long-ranged
  • Crystal Celeste is long-ranged, and does a lot of damage... on top of that she can kite with her abilities
  • Her sort-of spam stuns during melee fights are especially crucial to Reim who needs the fortified health from basic attacks and Winter Spires]
How to Play Against Hero:

How to Play Against Hero:
  • Honestly Ringo is so much easier to aim Reim skillshots on... the small speed boost he gets from Twirling Silver is a little negligible
  • If playing against Crystal Ringo, build an Aegis, and gank him which is honestly very easy because there are no dashes, leaps, or sudden increased movement speed
  • If playing against Weapon Ringo, use the same strategy as playing against Crystal Ringo, because there are no big differences between crystal and weapon paths for Ringo

  • When I play against a Blackfeather, the hero usually carries really hard or feeds by team really hard as Reim
  • Crystal Blackfeather needs more skill to play however the Blackfeather can solo Reim then because of stacks
  • Weapon Blackfeather is also annoying because Feint of Heart can deal a ton of damage to Reim, however I think Reim can out-Damage Blackfeather and kill him (unless he runs away of course)
How to Play Against Hero:
  • Usually, Blackfeather goes through the teamfight using Rose Offensive and tries killing your Carry, however this is what Reim is for, throw your Winter Spire and then immediately use Chill Winds to root him to let your Carry escape
  • If playing against Weapon Blackfeather, possibly build an Atlas Pauldron if he is going for building stacks (aka building Tornado Trigger) otherwise just play the root game
  • If playing against Crystal Blackfeather, have your Valkyrie ready when fighting him. When fighting against Blackfeather use Valkryie when he just comes up to you and attacks you. You should be stunning the Blackfeather, and then root him to make sure he can't escape while you out=health him
  • He can be a slippery one with Rose Offensive so remember to use roots and such after he uses Rose Offensive as best as you can

  • Idris is a mediocre hero against Reim because he doesn't have too much offense but a lot of mobility which makes killing Reim annoying especially when trying to avoid those cold Winter Spires
  • Crystal Idris FIRST OF ALL SHOULD NEVER BE PLAYED. But anyways, crystal Idris becomes ranged and a worse version of Ringo or Vox
  • Weapon Idris is a totally different story. Usually Idris build Posoined Shiv so its really effective on Reim. Plus since all of his abilities have a weapon ratio Reim has to watch out for all of his abilites. Lastly, his Shroudstep literally becomes a Vox dash and can dodge Reim's skillshots
How to Play Against Hero:
  • Idris usually packs a punch to Reim, however it isn't enough. So if Reim can root him once or twice while dealing damage it should make him want to run away
  • If playing against Weapon Idris, the name of the game is to protect your Carry and Alternating Current becomes a must
  • If playing against Crystal Idris, start off the teamfight with a Valkryie to slow him and then root him (similar advice to all other ranged Carries)
  • I'm gonna say it again: protect you Carry against Idris at all cost especially when he uses his alt(Shimmering Strike)

  • Reim can directly walk up to a full stacked SAW and annihilate him.. no need to worry about running away (maybe except cautious Roadie Run players)
  • Crystal Samuel is 90% played in matches and his abilities do a ton of damage while being long-ranged. Also he has high mobility with Malice & Verdict while being sustainable with the lifesteal
  • Weapon Samuel is also annoying because of the lifesteal sustain and his Oblivion which he can use for offense and defense
How to Play Against Hero:
  • If playing against Weapon Samuel, build your offense over defense, meaning stick to a Light Armor and max out all your offensive items, sometimes even holding 4 offensive items so you can pick on the Samuel (because WP Samuel has less range) and get fed (hopefully)
  • If playing against a cautious Crystal Samuel, forget it, you need your ranged hero to kill him off unless Reim get lucky and lands his root but still Samuel can easily run away

  • Skaarf is a very long-ranged Carry and if the Skaarf plays passive (staying next to turrets), it's gonna be an annoying hero because you can't touch (him/her/it?).
  • Crystal Skaarf has essentially one combo Spitfire and then Goop
  • These abilities have a big range ( Spitfire especially) and can only be compared with Valkyrie's range
How to Play Against Hero:
  • Ganking is the name of the game... since Skaarf doesn't have any escape abilities ( Valkyrie is probably the best counter to Skaarf)
  • If playing against Crystal Skaarf, use Valkyrie to slow Skaarf and then engage
  • If Skaarf uses Dragon Breath, it should be an EASY stun by centering your Valkyrie because he stays in the same place for a few seconds to take in air

  • Reim can directly walk up to a full stacked SAW and annihilate him.. no need to worry about running away (maybe except cautious Roadie Run players)
  • Crystal SAW is current meta and much more annoying, because Roadie Run's shank does a ton of damage and the Suprressing Fire is extra damage + another Roadie Run shank
  • Weapon SAW does a ton of damage to Carries but not Reim.. Reim is too tanky
How to Play Against Hero:
  • If playing against Weapon SAW, build an Atlas Pauldron
  • If playing against Crystal SAW, is a bit more tricky, but as long as you have a ranged hero with you it should be able to distract the SAW so that you can chill him and then root

  • I love playing against Baron!!! He seems slower than Reim at first glance but Jump Jets gives him a lot of mobility.
  • But it doesn't matter!!! Because Reim can root the Baron before he jumps! #DENIED
  • Crystal Baron is mainly used in Battle Royales however if you play against one just remember that he has no mobility at all because he needs time to charge up Jump Jets and you can root him before he uses it.
  • Also evade those Porcupine Mortar in a CP build
  • Weapon Baron is more common in games and much more mobile, because he needs no time to jump away or use Jump Jets... plus his passive Rocket Launcher gives him a lot more WP / damage
How to Play Against Hero:
  • Just use Reim's most basic combo: Winter Spire-> Chill Winds
  • When you use Chill Winds it prevents Baron from jumping away because of the root
  • If playing against Weapon Baron, play like an assassin and only using the root combo past his turret otherwise use Chill Winds and leave because you don't want to get punished from Baron's DPS
  • If playing against Crystal Baron, play more aggressive trying to root Baron as much as possible even if he is close to turret. Also build boots fast so that you can easily dodge his Porcupine Mortar which deals a lot of damage
  • Lastly, please recall if you have low health, as fast as you can, because you do not want that Ion Cannon punishment. It is one of the most cancerous abilities in the game.

Captains Top

Finally the time has come for Captains matchups and synergies. Compared to carries, Captains make the huge difference in the game for Reim. Also I can provide more detail rather in gameplay rather than saying "use a Winter Spire and then root the hero with Chill Winds and then kill the hero off."

  • A very fast Captain (thats unique) that is invisible and can be a scout trap for the team
  • Holds an amazing strong slow ( Fairy Dust) that makes Reim 50 million times better because he can catch up to enemies basically everytime
  • Good Flicker players have amazing predictions for using Binding Light to root enemies for quite a while, makes escape from a Reim even more impossible
  • Holds an amazing escape ability ( Mooncloak) so if your Carry dies and other team still has a lot of health it makes Reim's escape a lot better which is something Phinn lacks

  • #1 Rule When Playing with Reim:ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS OVERDRIVE Quibble, Phinn's FIRST ABILITY. I cannot emphasize this any further
  • Unstoppable perk makes him a savage tank which I guess is helpful for any hero
  • Why should Quibble be maxed rather than Forced Accord? Because the combo is unbeatable. Imagine this, an enemy jungler is fighting the Phinn is fighting an enemy hero and then the Phinn stuns the hero for .9 seconds by using Quibble. Then the Reim joins in and then using combos roots the hero for 1.2 seconds. This is 2.1 seconds so far of pure rooting and then for 3 seconds the enemy hero maybe try to run away but Phinn can use Polite Company and Reim can apply his passive slow for Phinn to get back his Quibble. Basically it means, no one can escape this combo once caught in it
  • Forced Accord can catch enemies with boots on
  • Only problem with Phinn is that if somehow the hero pair lose a lot of health against other enemy heroes escape is impossible because both are slow and getting Aced is easier ( War Treads and Fountain of Renewal I guess nullifies this but still)

  • Is the hero named off of his weapon? Lol
  • It makes all the difference in between having a good Lance and a bad one because if they keep missing the Impale and not stunning heroes with the Gythian Wall... good luck
  • Impale is a nice long-range root
  • Gythian Wall is an overpowered but underrated ability because of the stun and the tankiness Lance gets
  • As a Reim player, I would throw away one defensive item and get another offensive item because Lance loves to poke really hard and the Jungler must be very committed
  • Many Lance players build one Sorrowblade and it makes all the difference in terms of damage

  • Captain of the Guard is pretty sweet late game
  • Merciless Pursuit is her only ability than can keep the enemy in place (a stun)
  • Stormguard is what makes her a Captain aka take a lot of punishment for Jungler and Carry (which Reim doesn't necessarily need)
  • Blast Tremor can quickly turn around the game especially if Reim is fighting 2 or more heroes and the enemies get silenced
  • Rather than having good synergy with only a couple of heroes, I believe that she is the "all-rounded" Captain which makes her a very good choice in games

  • Arcane Renewal makes a Roam that never runs out of energy while gradually chipping away health from a long range
  • Gift of Fire is so useful for the heals and the slight slow for Reim
  • Agent of Wrath makes Adagio pack a punch (no BO2 Zombies references plox) to enemy Carries and Junglers
  • Verse of Judgement... what can possibly be better than a triple stun... while dealing a ton of damage and a really long time stun....
  • The only problem is that Adagio can't stun or root as frequently as other heroes... which Reim really needs. Therefore in teamfights he proves to be super useful whereas he doesn't in killing single heroes with Reim

  • Julia's Gift makes Ardan very resilient and can sustain in teamfights while helping Reim
  • Vanguard is meant for squishy heroes but I guess there is some synergy with Reim with the extra speed boost
  • Blood for Blood deals some damage?
  • Gauntlet is where the synergy really kicks in because it keep all enemy heroes inside very close to Reim... muahahahha
  • You can let some leniency on defensive items and I would surely get Broken Myth because the sustain with Ardan is great

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